Carrion Crown

Game Master Mavacas

A horror campaign set in Ustalav. A dear friend of the PC's dies from a brutal accident. They are called out in his will, and must attend his funeral.

Character creation Guidlines.

-25 point buy. I like characters to be super-awesome! :D
-2 traits, one must come from the Carrion Crown Player's guide.
-Starting level is 1
-Maximum HP at all levels.

- Allowed books : Pathfinder Core rules, Advanced player's Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Carrion Crown Player's guide.

- Maximum starting gold. If somehow this allows you to purchase magical items, I reserve the right to disallow on a case by case basis. Also, I like to track food resources. Although that will not play a role in the first book of this AP.

- I would prefer your characters have good alignments. This isn't necessary though, I just prefer to run this as a heroic-horror campaign.

- This is a horror campaign, with a very gothic feel to it. There will be supernatural events that would shock your characters. And while the desired effect is for your characters to be scared, you are Pathfinder Player characters designed to overcome these challenges. So try to strike a balance.

- All characters should have a personal attatchemnt to Professor Lorrimor. This connection should be strong enough to warrant you guys proceed on a certain quest ;) of which will become apparent in the game.