Cap'n Voodoo's Freebooter PBP

Game Master voodoo chili

est. 2011
PF6 Fun and Plunder in Green Ronin's Freeport, around the Shackles, and Beyond

The Freebooters: [Level: 6+4]
[Infamy: 5][Plunder: 3]



Keelhaul Kaul- Claw and Axe wielding Bosun
Madman Jim- Swinging Swashbuckler
Corliss Blackboots- Sea Priest in Her Majesty's Service
Dingus- Snakey Sorcerer and Snappy Dresser

67,100/ 65K for 6+5 (2/15)

Date: 10.Calistril. 4712
Weather: cold and clear
Moon:Full moon


Hull Locations 5 (100’ long x 20’ wide)
Hull Defense AC 10, hardness 5, 150 hp each
Rigging Locations 4 (2 masts, 2,2 Locations per mast)
Rigging Defense AC 11, hardness 1, 75 hp each
Below the Waterline 150 hp
Fore- 2 light ballistae (3d8/19-20 x2)
Str 35 (+12), Dex 9 (-1); Base Speed +7 (Poor),
Into the Wind +3, With the Wind +14; Overland 3.5 mph
CMB +23, CMD 32
Plunder (3); Total Weight: < 25,536 lbs. (light load)

Captain: Belinna. Base Loyalty +4.
First Mate/Pilot: Jim
Second Mate/Chaplin: Corliss
Quartermaster: Fairweather (h)
Bosun: Kaul
Cook: Estabo (H friendly)
Gunner: Zossrov (e/wereshark)*
Powder Monkey: Rafe (H/wererat, earnest)
Carpenter: Cobb (H, superstitious)
Riggers: Lola (H tough), Ella (h sour)
Swabs: Grund (H volatile), Ed (h bigmouth), Onzu (H mute), Moses (H nervous)



Black Dog- Capt. Catarro
Imp's Fart- Capt. Clapp
Stormwind- Alfhild
Black Dragon- Capt. Drake, Syncopit (ally); Freeport navy
Thresher Shark- Capt. Red Aesha (enemy); bound north with powerful artifact
Plumed Lady- Capt. Winnie Miro (ally); quest to raise her dead lover
Rum Chant- Capt. Rafferty (ally), rum runner
White Moon- Capt. Markessa; Aspis smuggler scuttled by Whitecoat
Le Bon Ton Roller- Capt. Estabo Kellim (ally), wrecked on the Vanji
Finn's Fortune- Capt. Dallian (dead), scuttled off the coast of Raptor Island
Angelina- Capt. Pepper (enemy), sank in Plumetown harbor

Shark Island:

Ollo (7340)-Cap Sorrinash; Dismal capital ruled by cruel lycanthropes
Karikanti- lycanthropic tribes of escaped slaves, maroons, and descendants of Moak Harbor allied with feral lizardfolk
Moak Harbor-Original settlement abandoned after Sahuagin assault
Raketooth-Baron Palpathe; pineapple plantations and stolen goods

Bloodcove/ Mwangi:

Bloodcove- Aspis Consortium owned gateway to the Mwangi Expanse
House Categn- Bloodcove merchants dealing in rum and spirits
Senzer Relkep- Osiriani alchemist, Rafe's dad, suicide
Lura Ichon- Aspis summoner with Amazonian eidolon, Belu
Dibwurd Mupkin- ghost lighthouse keeper
Estabo Kellim- Riverboat Capt., CREW: Faruq (Kaul Kill), Hurg(fayjee food)
Whitebridge Station- Aspis Consortium way station on the Vanji
Ekuja- primitive jungle elves
Tum-Bobo- Coconut monkey wooden idol
Charau-ka- cursed demon worshiping ape men
Aerie of Bloodletting Song- Plateau of demons in Southern Mwangi
Obreck Dallian- Treacherous Captain, dead, soul claimed by Pazuzu

Cannibal Archipelago:

Suck-ye-Bye Island- Islet in cannibal territory where the Jungle King was found
Warvil's Folly- jungles filled with secretive apemen and an abandoned monastery
Sir Kelizar- strange Taldane knightdedicated to a turtle princess
Nkechi- Gozran priest that oversees the decaying monastery

Lilywhite, Motaku Isle:

Cayden Cailean friendly town, pop. 780
Anyabwe "Willy" Saabwa- Goodwill ambassador
God's Revel Inn- prop. Larkem Thene
Motaku Trading Post- general goods, Bogsbridge dye and more
Cailean's Keg- town bar/temple

Plumetown, The Smoker:

Plumetown- main settlement on the Smoker, caters to oracle traffic
Zhaegog- Oracle, cyclops covered in ink runes
Smeekit- rum gremlin, Dibbets' lost drinking buddy
the Grackle- Tengu smuggler working Plumetown
The Siren- mysterious artist near Aegis Cove
Nebbin 'Half-Hitch' Wiggins- Finn's man and Kaul's nemesis, dead
Flumphs- weird oracular floating tentacle sacks
Vadim Korpansi- toothless tattooist in Plumetown

Raptor Island:

Home of lethal dinosaurs and sneaky goblin raiders
The Village- Strange group of shipwrecked Chelish settlers


Ironwood Tower- Ancient Elven ruin inhabited by shadowy evil elves
Magnimar- City of Strange Monuments, Heidmarch Manor, and Runewardens
Mierani Woods- Good elf stronghold
Riddleport- Pirates and odd Customs


Yacoobe- Mysterious sorcerer, master of the Motley Man
Banshee (Sentinel) Island- Former pirate stronghold, now haunted monastery



Dibbets- Blowhard halfling Oracle
the Groom- Soul snatched Inquisitor of Besmara
Buster- Bouncer at the Black Gull
Dagrit Gingin- Former owner of the Broken Mug
Zipper- Dagrit's pet tavi
Tremiir- Pale elf barber and chirugeon
Sergeant Iratch- member of the Watch
Drac's End:
Omar- Animal trainer and owner of Fang and Claw
Professor Deveril- Historian at the Freeport Institute
Dolo- Bekyar Hell Hound
Dunbar- Leader of the Hell Hounds
Finn- Halfling crime lord, leader of the Syndicate
Trask- Finn's gnome second-in-command
Keril- smart-ass sewer worker
Captain Sondek- head of the Sewer Guard
Nestor White- former asst. at the Chambers Asylum
Millant Lefevre- Elf president of the Gilt Club
Jacint Lefevre- Millant's hapless son
Nathan Grymes- Newer member of Captains' Council
Fermend- Sole survivor of Kolter's Clockworks
Dirwin 'Nimblefingers' Arnig- Councilman and Head of Gem Guild
Old City:
Tarmon- Councilman, archmage, head of Wizards' Guild
Commissioner Holliver- Councilman, head of Town Guard
Capt. Lydon- Councilman, well known former pirate
Capt. Prescott- Councilman, holder of the Privateer's Seat
Brother 'Peg-Leg' Peligro- High priest of Besmara
Dunny- Brother Peligro's assistant
Mother Lorilee- High Priestess of Gozreh
Sister Gwyllin- Priestess of Gozreh, serves on Capts' Council
Talbous Mog- Avaricious Abadarian healer
Asnaan Sharoosh- owner of the Grunt, suffers Dingus-induced stroke
Whitecoat- bleachling Aspis agent, escaped to Kepre Dua
Shingle- new owner of the Dead Pelican
Otto Parsam- dealer in fine arms and armor; deadly swordsman
Krell- passing half-orc pusher, contact of Kaul
Abel Wacketts- Disgraced executioner; leader of the Blackened Knot
Blackened Knot- racist gang come to power after the Great Green Fire
"Dawy" (Darius)-Halfling spy posing as human child
Old Reed- clerk at the Office of Public Works
Samarka Joliet- elf master of The Vault
Capt. Roberts- Councilman, killed in bombing of Maurice's
Seebach- gnome gunsmith, killed in bombing of Kolter's
Belle- guardian of a Tent Town well, murdered by Dingus.
Dr. Bianka Altanish- Asylum lead mutated into something wrong
Man in Yellow- demon-blooded sorcerer with a snake fetish
Slick- half-orc double-crosser killed by Finn
'Stumpy'- Tuyewera servant that jumped ship at Warehouse District


Krom's Throat- Bloodgrog spot serving the Orc-blooded

The Docks
Black Gull- very rough bar favored by pirates
Broken Mug- Inn near Scurvytown, burned down by the Blackened Knot
Kergen's Kradle- rooms for rent, hourly and weekly rates
Seaside Market- home of tea, melons, and rampaging goats
Shipping News- Freeport's paper of record

Drac's End
Fang and Claw- Exotic and dangerous beasts trained and sold
Freeport Institute

Eastern District
Alchemical Oddities- potion shop
Assad’s Smoke Shop- tavern, tobacco, talk
Chambers Asylum- Insane asylum with very checkered past
Field of Honor- Center of the District- daily market, dueling at night
Halfling Benevolent Association- front for Finn's Syndicate
Sweepers Guild- condemned cult house used as Sewer Guard HQ
Witch's house- former home of Goody Erskin and her ghost

Merchant District
The Gilt Club- Exclusive club for the richest residents of Freeport
Plaza of Gold- great public square with Fountain of Fortune
Gemcutters and Jewelers Guild- fortress-like guild hall
Kolter's Clockworks- gunsmith shop destroyed by bombing
Maurice's- favorite restaurant of the Captain's Council,bombed

Old City
Sea Lord's Palace- Chambers of the Captains' Council

Otto's Blades and Baldrics- Magic weapons and armor
The Grunt- Shiver den/whorehouse with pig sty in back
Dead Pelican- dive bar with a dark past. Don't eat the pies!
Chumhouse- former HQ of the Blackened Knot
Fish Market- main fishery for the city

Temple District
The Pirate's Temple- Besmara
Gozreh's Grotto- Gozreh
Temple of Knowledge- Nethys
Hall of the Gods(aka Fool's Market)- chock full of Nuts
Cathedral of Pharasma
Spire Hill- Pharasma's crypts

Warehouse District
Dead Dock- Depot for transporting corpses to Crematorium Rock
Freland Shipyard- Site of ship construction and repair
Kolter's Clockworks- Firearms and other mechanical wonders
Office of Public Records- warehouse of old city documents and maps
The Vault- Extremely secure storage units



Maximum score is 2xAPL
1. The party can make a single intimidate check to demoralize that applies to as many adversaries as their Infamy Score.
2. The party gains a bonus equal to 1/2 their Infamy Score on a single diplomacy/bluff/intimidate check dealing with crew morale, recruitment, parlaying with other pirates and selling plunder.

base 1000 skulls, actual value depends on market and skillfulness of the transaction.

The Vault account:

Jim- 390 gold sails
Kaul- 310 sails


First watch — 2000 to 0000 (Two Jims)
Middle (Guts) watch — 0000 to 0400 (Dibbs and Kaul)
Morning watch — 0400 to 0800 (Hinsin and Dingus)
Forenoon watch — 0800 to 1200 -()
Afternoon watch — 1200 to 1600 -()
Dog watch — 1600 to 2000 ()

Insanity points:

Kaul-1 IP; Dingus-3 IP; Corliss- 3 IP; Jim- 0 IP
IP may be gained in encounters with extra-planar beings or Fear effects, not typical encounters with standard death, undeath, and dismemberment. Fortunately, they are not cumulative. IP count against your WIS ability score for everything except spell casting, however they benefit occult knowledge checks.

Occult knowledge is a catch-all similar to bardic knowledge with regards to planar, aberrations, cults, etc. You may add half your IP score to your INT modifier to make an untrained check for anything that might fall under Occult Knowledge.

Insanity points result in an affliction that can be major or minor. In times of stress, IP can be exchanged for an affliction at the highest denomination: 2 IP for temporary, 4 IP for short-term, and 8 IP for long-term. Aflictions are cured with a DC 20 will save attempted daily for short term and weekly for long term madness. Lesser restoration has no effect on insanity, but Restoration cures IP up to the caster level. Greater restoration, Heal, Limited wish, Miracle, or Wish immediately cures a target of all insanity points and afflictions.


Penny = brass or copper coin, 1/10 of a skull.
Skull = silver coin standard, marked with skull and crossbones. Tarnished ones called 'black skulls'.
Sail = gold coin, the Chelish sail arriving in Freeport typically as plunder. Valued at 10 skulls.

Init rolls:

Keelhaul Kaul- [dice] 1d20+2 [/dice
Madman Jim- [dice] 1d20+3 [/dice
Corliss-[dice] 1d20+6[/dice
foe- [dice]1d20[/dice

Part I- Up and Coming Pirates

Chapter 1- The Witch House Job:

In which the crew is hired off the docks for a simple moving job in the Eastern District. Unfortunately, the house turns out to be haunted by a ghost guarding a mysterious box. The crew is soon enmeshed in a three way battle with a major crime boss and a dangerous stranger for possession of the box. The mysterious Man in Yellow is finally defeated aboard his ship of living dead and undead slaves and the crew find themselves on Finn's payroll.

Chapter 2- The Salvage Job:

In which the Groom assists a mer-ghost and a ring is recovered and a Mug lost. The crew set sail with a treacherous merchant, recover a relic off a sinking freighter, and are betrayed and marooned on the coast of Raptor Island. A career in piracy begins with the taking of a raft from a tribe of Reefrunner goblins and their tentacled queen.

Chapter 3- Marooned!:

In which the crew pursues goblin gold across Raptor Island and encounter a hidden village of shipwrecked Chelish colonists with a passing strange affinity for stirges and other parasitic pests. After dealing with the blood suckers and cultists, the crew returns to Sentinel Island in the wake of the infamous Red Aesha and are besieged by the drowned. They survive the night though none of the brotherhood do including the last monk, Janore, who takes her own life. The crew receive a rare blessing from Besmara.

Chapter 4- Plumetown Rats:

In which the crew are rescued from the haunted monastery by a haunted ship. During a short furlough on the Smoker, the boys try to dispose of tainted rocks and run into a family of floating tentacle sacks and a sneaky tengu. Said tainted rocks are sold and then repossessed with some difficulty earning the thanks of the Eyes of Keeba and the enmity of others.

Chapter 5- The Asylum Job:

In which the crew returns to Freeport and straight into the looney bin to investigate heinous diseases occurring on the east side of town. In the wake of an encounter with the remnants of the Yellow Sign, Kaul loses his hand along with his wits and Dingus gains a murderous obsession with the theater and wells!

Chapter 6- Brainboil Blues:
In which Dingus commits murder most foul and encounters a serpent beyond his control. The town descends into chaos as brainboil maddened orcs rampage in the Eastern District. The crew digs deep through stinking sewers and past singing otyughs to uncover a weird white gnome and foil an Aspis Consortium plot.

Chapter 7- The Bloodcove Job:
In which the Groom takes his leave and the rest of the crew journey to Bloodcove on a mission of vengeance. Warned to keep a low profile, they fail epically by burning down the lighthouse. An expeditious retreat up the Vanji River on a riverboat soon hits troubled waters when Dingus, delirious from jungle fever, attempts to murder the captain. The captain survives, but the boat is destroyed in the mayhem leaving the crew to travel afoot through the Mwangi Expanse.

Chapter 8- The Nut Job or Idol Hands:
In which the crew follows a trail of fallen Aspis Consortium outposts leaving a wake of bloody vengeance themselves. Allying with the jungle elves that are rampaging against the Consortium, the crew pursues treacherous Capt. Dallian to the Aerie of Bloodletting Song only to find him right plucked by parrot harpies. Kaul attempts to sacrifice him to Tum-Bobo, but Pazuzu claims the soul. A little shell shocked after, Kaul jumps ship with his magic nut. The befuddled thug rules a kingdom of monkeys for a short time before the crew rescues him from the questionable influence of his coconut idol once and for all.

Chapter 9- Shark Island:
In which the crew is recruited by a mysterious acquaintance with mutiny on the mind. Captain Lanteri, the widowed captain of the Magpie is said to be hunting lost treasure, but the journey doesn't begin well with stormy seas and a sahuagin assault leading to a furlough on Shark Island for repairs. When crew go missing, the crew track them through the dark heart of a mire to find them captives of an undead cultist of an ancient evil Shark God.

Chapter 10- The Magpie Job:
Captain Lanteri discovers the weresharks among the crew and leaves our boys and the afflicted on a nearly desert island. Allied with the nutty knight and turtle princess found there, the crew take on the sneaking apemen that infest the jungles and brave ghostly mad monks and mudmen to reclaim a monastery for Gozreh and the pirate Captain Storm-eyes' treasure for themselves. They catch up with the wrecked Magpie in the Cannibal Archipelago only to find Lanteri and Crew missing. Jemma Redclaw's lost ship and stranger things are soon discovered beneath the mysterious island's black coral encrusted cyclops ruins.

Chapter 11- Bombtown Rats:
Wherein the crew mark Half-hitch off the Grudge List and limp their ship into Freeport only to have everything blow-up all around them. The crew maneuver the tides of hysteria to trace a trail of murder and deceit that ends in a familiar pale visage of the bleachling Aspis agent, Whitecoat. The treacherous gnome slips away leaving the crew rushing to intercept wayward bombs before it is too late!

Chapter 12- Tale of the Crimson Whale:
In which the crew follow the bomber's trail back to the Sahuagin Coast and uncovers an Aspis Consortium alliance with Sea Devils. The crew free a Besmaran named Corliss who joins them and score a decisive naval victory. Whitecoat is captured, but escapes again after the ship is capsized by a great red whale off the coast of Kepre Dua. Investigation uncovers ancient ruins and a corrupting Qlippoth. Surprisingly, the local elves aren't the least bit appreciative of the pirates' hard won victory over the dangerous proto-demon.

Chapter 13- The Dream Job:
Wherein the crew repatriate the dead and come into the employ of the richest elf in Freeport. A chance encounter with a necromancer reveals dark deeds afoot involving a tangled web of drugs and death. The trail descends into the realm of nightmares where Kaul gets a monkey off his back and Dingus realizes a glorious purpose. A nighthag named Sally Scrabblebones nabs the Dreamstone and the Groom's soul. Corliss has him memories restored and receives Besmara's orders to take care of a mortal challenger named Red Aesha.

Part II- The Bloody Fortune Sails

Chapter 14- Well Met in Magnimar:
Under Besmara's orders, the crew finally sets off on their own ship minus Dibbets who remains behind to look for the Groom's lost soul and Dingus who goes AWOL. The Bloody Fortune joins a Pirate gathering off the coast of Cheliax and a brush with a vengeful captain's shade leaves Jim dangerously drained. The crew head to Magnimar in search of a miracle and find Dingus on a pilgrimage. Weathering encounters divine and demonic, all ends well for the crew.

Chapter 15- The Pathfinder Job:
Wherein the crew is invited to Heidmarch Manor and become entwined in Pathfinder Society matters. They agree to explore an ancient ruin in the hopes of uncovering useful information and find a hive of twisted elves and their even more twisted experiments, but also a link to Red Aesha.

Chapter 16- The Gangs of Riddleport:
Wherein the crew runs afoul of the house at a casino and is contracted to steal an item from a crime boss.


(publications plundered for inspiration):

1st- Fury in Freeport
2nd- Salvage Operation (Dungeon #123)
3rd- Feast of Ravensmoor (PF Module)
4th- Tammeraut's Fate (Dng #106), Ghosting of Lady Quay (DMC),
Box of Flumph (Dng #118), Escape from Meenlock Prison (Dng #146)
5th- Prey for Tyrinth (Dng #90), The Stink (Dng #105), Bloodcove Disguise (PFS 2-10),
River Into Darkness (W2), Racing to Ruin (AP38)
6th- Plunder & Peril (PF Mod), Still Waters (RC), The Black Spot (HotR), Vengeance in Freeport, Secret of Saltmarsh (U1),
Sinful Whispers (HotR)
6+- Dark Deeds in Freeport, House on Hook Street (PF Mod), Dawn of the Scarlet Sun (PF Mod), Tower of the Ironwood Watch (PFS)