Beyond the World's Edge: A Frontier Campaign

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Opportunity! Freedom! Adventure!
Are you seeking a fresh start? A chance to reap the fruits of your labor? Or are you simply looking to escape the oblivion of the Final Blades?
An expedition is being assembled to journey eastward from Galt, downriver into the Whistling Plains of Casmaron, beyond the World’s Edge Mountains, and towards the Castrovin Sea.
There, a new and independent settlement will be founded, and this bold frontier needs settlers!

These are the promises that have passed around Galt, and fliers have spread the call across neighboring Taldor, the River Kingdoms, Andoran, Kyonin, and Absalom.

Inquiring further, you discover that one of the innumerable nobles displaced by the endless revolutions and anarchy in Galt, is funding this endeavor - secretly gathering settlers and materials to travel east, beyond Avistan, and he looks to find other adventurous souls to join his exodus.

The noble especially needs strong and canny people to guard the expedition down the river and protect the fledgling settlement once it is founded.