Ascension - Rebellion (Inactive)

Game Master bbangerter

Library Street

The Mageocracy has ruled for many years, but they care little for the people. They ignore that the roads have become dangerous for innocent travelers. They silence all reports of the dark happenings inside their tower walls. But there are those who know the truth, of their corruption by greed and power, and they are determined to wrest control away from the mages and reveal them for what they are.

Map of the southern part of the kingdom

Current Rumors:

The old watch tower ruins south of the city are haunted. Long ago the guards took a witch prisoner and tortured her to death. With her dying words she cursed the entire tower. The spirits of both the witch and her captures still inhabit it.

Be careful around the sewers drains and grates around the city, the sewers are inhabited by giant rats.

Some crazed wizard caused an oak tree to grow overnight in the western slums the other night. The wizard destroyed a home when she did it.

Radgar the Butcher has returned. He murdered two dozen people the other night. Best not to be out at night or he will find you.

Travel to the Ioso islands is no longer safe. Pirates sail the seas and are taking captive all those they run into and selling them into slavery.

Players Roll:
Attack Rolls
Damage Rolls
Saving Throws
Skills which have a obvious success or failure condition - which are:
Bluff (diplomacy, intimidate) when used in combat, these have a obvious success/failure in combat
Disable Device
Escape Artist
Knowledge Skills (but in some cases I will roll these for you - if you encounter an unknown creature I will roll the appropriate knowledge roll and provide what that reveals as part of the physical description I give of the creature).
Sleight of Hand
Spellcraft (I will roll these for you if an opponent is casting a spell though just so the game doesn't need to pause to know what the spell is)
Survival (sometimes - like if you were trying to forage for food, other times I will roll it for something like tracking)
Use Magic Device

GM Rolls:
Rolls I will make because these can have varying degrees of success or failure but the players wouldn't really know how well they did or failed by.
Bluff (diplomacy, intimidate) when used out of combat, these have varying degrees of success out of combat and a opposing player/NPC might choose to play along even though they were unaffected.
Handle Animal
Sense Motive
Survival (sometimes - see section on player rolls)