Age of Darkness

Game Master Mothman

It is an age of darkness ...

A homebrew Pathfinder campaign.

It is an age of darkness. The once mighty Atuscan Empire risks collapse as it quells rebellion after rebellion in the southern provinces. Rumours abound that a mass offensive to conquer resource rich lands in the north will commence soon. The Primarch of the Church of Arton is said to be near death. Grim faced Inquisitors stalk the land, seeking out heresy and enforcing the Primarch’s increasingly severe decrees.

The elves, thought by many to have retreated for good from human lands, have begun to return at the fringes of the empire, bringing stories of war and discord in the realm of Faerie. Darker creatures have returned with them, creatures that lurk in the shadows, or stalk the twilight moors.

Dark things writhe in the deeper halls of the mountain dwarves. Orcs, trolls and worse things make war on the grim folk in their own strongholds, while the dwarves desperately seek the source of their foes, or are driven out of their ancestral homes.

The Karands struggle to maintain their customs and freedom in the face of Atuscan aggression and the spread of Artonism. Their warriors, wearied and depleted by war face arcane threats that creep from the deep hollows, and the blasted lands across the borders.

The dead rest uneasily in their graves. Long dead kings mutter and pace in their barrows, waiting for their time to come again. Corpses pull themselves from unconsecrated graves to walk amongst the living. The unquiet spirits of children killed by plague seek warmth, not understanding they have died.

It is an age of darkness. Folk of all races seek answers, seek to hold back the darkness. It is a time for heroes. But will these heroes need to embrace the darkness in order to overcome it? Will they find their answers and defeat the darkness, or will it overcome them?


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