Aclias - The Ice Age

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In the creation of a homebrew world, Aclias, there must be a beginning. This is that story. It takes place on the northern most nation on Aclias, The Frozen Crown.

No submissions needed. This is a PBP for my Find Your Path playgroup.

Character Creation:

Rolled Stats 4d6 take the highest, reroll 1s. Do two lines and we will go from there.

Races: Human with the Heart of the Snows traits traded out. Half-Orc Mountain Clan Subtype.

Classes: All are available minus Int based class (explanation in location description)

Equipment: This is the first age of the world, weapons/armor/tools are mostly made from stone, wood, bone, leather, etc.

Favored Class: Pick 2 of the following, but you must stick with them every level. 1 skill, 1 HP, or Racial favored class bonus.

Starting Gold: Double Max (Gold is not on this continent. Spend it all on your equipment, what does your character have for daily living?)

HP: Max at 1st, rolled every level after.


Great! Go ahead and create the profile for that character filling in the stat block, background, equipment, class features and feats.

Closed recruitment?

Vitaliano da Riva wrote:
Closed recruitment?

Yes sorry, recruitment is closed. This is going to be a solo PBP

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