Academy of Secrets

Game Master mathpro18

Map of Campus

Map of Demiplane

Battle Rules:

Every round will start with players listing 2 possible actions for them to do on their turns(just in case one becomes impossible). These can be posted in any order(do not need to post in init order). After all actions are posted I will write a fairly long post summarizing the round. Once this is posted you are free to post your next 2 possible actions

Saves/Skill Checks/Various rolls
If during my round wrap up you need to make skill checks/saving throws/AOO's(based on monster actions) I will roll them for you. I find that this keeps the flow of combat moving a little better. I know some players get upset with not being able to roll for themselves but this is an online game and we need to do what ever we can to keep things moving. At this level there are going to be A LOT of spells flying around so I expect to be making a lot of saving throws both for creatures I'm running and for player characters.

Since most of you are magic users I ask that you clearly identify the title of the spells your casting in combat. It would also be appreciated if you could link to spell descriptions so I know what your casting but it isn't 100% necessary. Please roll all dice necessary(damage/sr/concentration) when you post your actions for the round. If your spell has a save for half condition roll full dice and I will just half the total damage(I know this is more generous than the rules imply but I'm nice lol).

The keep out spoiler
I will end every round wrap up post with a spoiler that says dm eyes only keep out. This contains any information that you the player characters shouldn't have access to so I expect that you will not read it. All other spoilers with in posts you are free to read.

We are not at the point in time where this is relivent so please don't read this

Don't look here yet:

Creatures of neither lawful nor evil alignment take a -4 circumstance penalty on all intelligence, wisdom, and charisma based checks. A creature with either any lawful or any evil alignment takes only a -2 penalty, while lawful evil creatures take no penalty at all.

Time passes much more slowly here than it does normally. For every hour that passes on Galorian, 24 hours pass here.

Magic also functions differently here than on the Material Plane: spells and spell-like abilities with the lawful or evil descriptors function as if their caster levels were 2 higher than normal. Conversely, spells and spell-like abilities with the chaotic or good descriptors require a concentration check(DC 20 + the level of the spell) to be cast. If the check fails, the spell does not function but is still lost as a prepared spell or spell slot. If the check succeeds, the spell functions normally.

Spells like planer shift, teleportation, or the like will not let you escape from this demi-plane. There are other ways of leaving(obviously)) but those need to be discovered through out the game and will not be divulged here.