A Very LGBT Crypt of the Everflame Campaign

Game Master Dragoncat

A campaign for the ladies, gentlemen & enby folk of Paizo's LGBT Gamer Community Thread!

Moonday, 15th of Neth, 4700 AR

Kassen Town Map

Map of the Temple of Razmir

[dice=Initiative (Adriana)]1d20+5[/dice]
[dice=Initiative (Bertrand)]1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=Initiative (Khalaban)]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Initiative (Maxilla)]1d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Initiative (Vixie)]1d20+4[/dice]

Noteworthy Kassen NPCs:
Sayuki & Kasumi: Vixie's adoptive kitsune parents. Not that she realizes that, despite many hints they've dropped over the years. They run a bakery in town.

Shyla of Clan Moondew: Vixie's catfolk wife. A nomadic sort, and evidently open to having her marriage being an open one.

Golfond Kir: A human member of Kassen's town watch. A simple man, but good-hearted, and Vixie's mentor.

Olmira Treesong: An oread druid & Khalaban's mentor. Dresses in grasses & communes with nature. Taught Khalaban some of her ways--treating the earth as a living, breathing ally to be treated well.

Jocyn Elmaran: A half-elf bard with a limp who is Bertrand's mentor. Taught him much of music, comedy, and interacting with others. May have inadvertently sparked Bertrand's interest in detective work--or, as Kassen's townsfolk put it, 'nosing about'.

Talia Tirson: Adriana's most recent bedmate. The daughter of one of Kassen's logging families, and very much an innocent, naïve young woman.

Hope Vargidan: An ifrit teenager & Maxilla's adoptive sister/mentor. Taught them how to properly refine & control their budding magical powers. Is the most well-adjusted member of the Vargidan family/snarl, and one of many children from Moltus Vargidan's many exotic marriages.

Father Rantal Prasst: The town priest of Erastil, and Adriana's rival in faith. A sickly man, but nonetheless a devout follower of Old Deadeye.

Mayor Jarvis Uptal: The mayor of Kassen. Jolly & well-meaning, but not always the most observant of people.

Tax Collector Mord Uptal: Mayor Jarvis' half-orc husband. A reasonable man, despite all stereotypes to the contrary. Has a sweet tooth.