A Sandbox full of Goblins (Inactive)

Game Master Whack-a-Rogue


Notable Licktoads:
Chief Rendwattle Gutwad – supreme overlord of the Licktoad Tribe. His word is law. Loud booming voice. Rarely seen in public.

Slorb – Chief’s brother. Weak, dumb, and liked by nobody – except for the Chief. Relays messages when Chief Gutwad can’t be bothered.

Rita Bigbad – Tough fighter type. Loves to fight – perhaps a little too much. Not overly fond of males.

Poog of Zarongel – CN Cleric of Zarongel. Loves fire, his pet toad Leapy, fire, killing dogs, and fire.

Feeva – Powerful witchy type. Likes to make people sleep. Extremely intelligent and knows everything about everything. Favorite beverage: pink gluggadrink (perfume)

Ki-Ah – Hideously ugly and bad-tempered. Master of unarmed combat. Enjoys making dolls modeled after specific individuals. He fills them with insects, makes sure the doll stitching is loose, and sends them anonymously to enemies.

Gupy Wartbits – Wife of Ki-Ah. Extremely fat and promiscuous.

Chuffy Lickwound – Sneaky thieving bastard. Covered in ugly pus-leaking sores. Deadly with his knives.

Mogmurch – Always brewing odd-smelling concoctions and attempting bizarre – often explosive – experiments. Fascinated with unusual gadgetry.

Kittygobbo and Tangletooth - Live in the spiky forest near the Thistletop Fort. Intensely dislike longshanks but can possibly be swayed.

Bruthazmus - Bugbear hero and renowned archer. Hates elves: one in particular.

Lyrie "Angryshanks" Akenja - racist wizard who knows a lot about Thassy-lon magic and sin-pawns.

Goblin Games:
Ride the Demon Dog
Ride DC 15 to stay on. Three consecutive successes wins. Failed check requires Reflex Save DC 10 to avoid 1d3pts damage.

Eat a Bag of Slugs Real Quick
One minute to eat 5 slugs. Swallowing one requires a Fort Save DC 15. Eating a slug is a full-round action, and there’s no penalty for a failed attempt.

Hide or Get Clubbed
Stealth check determines success at hiding. Then, 1d10 Goblins come close enough to attempt Perception checks (at a -1 modifier). Each successful searcher inflicts 1d4-1pts of damage.

The Rusty Earbiter
A barbed wire-encrusted obstacle course. It takes three Escape Artist DC 15 to successfully navigate your way through. Each failed check deals 1d4-2pts damage. Three failed checks mean your audience gets bored and leaves.

Loot List