Wand Breakers

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In the southern stretch of the Vilhon Reach, we find our heroes united by a single good deed, now hired on behalf of a local hamlet to investigate strange goings on...

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Wand Breakers is an original campaign set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting using Pathfinder rules. Most 3.5 material is also viable.

My party consists of:

  • Ghostwise Halfling Wizard (m)
  • Uthgardt Half-Orc Barbarian (f)
  • Half-Ogre Druid (m)
  • Sun Elf Cleric of Lathander (f)

The party is 1st level.

At this time, I am looking for 1 more player, and a very specific role. If anybody would be interested in playing a female tibbit cleric of Sharess please contact me.

As other party needs arise I will be posting here again. Thank you.

Sure. Let's do it. How active is the campaign?

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Transitioning this from tabletop, but hoping for daily updates when possible.

I'm in if you want me. Good character actor. Over 25 years RPG experience


i have played several clerics and would like the opportunity if you would allow me.

All yours. Game on!


Thank you Black Thom. I appreciate it.

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Are either of you (or someone new) still interested in this role?

I would be

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The tibbit role has been filled (I apologize for the lack of updates lately).

If anybody else is currently interested in pitching a first level Forgotten Realms character let me know. I might recruit one more player at this time, depending upon submissions/interest.

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