AP #67-72 - Reign of Winter: Misfits Unchained (Inactive)

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Book 3: Maiden, Mother, Crone

Baba Yaga's Riders, as she refers to them:

White Rider: "My Bright Morning"
Red Rider: "My Red Sun"
Black Rider: Illarion Matveius, "My Dark Midnight"

Amulets & clues:

  • Dragon: Look for this key where time catches up to us all, and look for the Mother when the moon is full!
  • Gold: That which you desire, the Changeling holds. Know this as well—you will find the Crone only when the moon wanes.
  • Artrosa: Seek now the sisters three who are one: Mother, Maiden, Crone. But know that the Maiden is elusive, and may only be caught with the waxing moon.


The way the Pathfinder Unchained rules will apply to us is here:

Misfits Unchained on Pathfinder Unchained


Marching Order

  • Jorvik
  • Aoife
  • Ice Melts Quietly in Sunlight
  • Kuragin
  • Ishbaad


The adventure begins in the formerly sleepy town of Heldren. The town is now abuzz, however, with talk of the uncanny winter that has befallen the Border Wood.