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From the CEO From the Publisher Frequently Asked Questions How Can I Help Paizo?

What Can I Do to Help Paizo?

First of all, thanks for being willing to help out. Without customers like you, Paizo wouldn’t be in the business of making great gaming products. For that, we thank you.

Don't worry—we're not going away. We're refocusing our publishing efforts on several new product lines including Pathfinder, GameMastery Modules, Planet Stories novels, Paizo Comics, and board games from our Titanic Games imprint. Please look at these new lines, and if they appeal to you, help us succeed by trying them out.

If you patronize a local hobby game store, continue to buy Paizo products from that store. If that store doesn’t carry all of our products, talk to the staff and get them excited about our product lines. Let them know that you'll buy more of our products if they stock them. Since Dragon and Dungeon are going away, encourage the store manager to replace them with our new monthly product, Pathfinder, which is geared toward former Dragon and Dungeon readers. Encourage your retailer to set up in-store subscriptions so you can ensure you get Pathfinder from the store every month.

If you don’t have a local hobby store, please consider buying your gaming products from In addition to the full line of Paizo products, we carry more than 22,000 gaming products from RPGs to board games to the latest TCGs. We ship worldwide and offer competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Please consider buying Dragon and Dungeon back issues that you may have missed. Many of them are in limited supply, so now would be a great time to pick them up.

If you have issues remaining on your Dragon and Dungeon subscription beyond the final issue, please choose to convert them to Pathfinder. The same staff that brings you Dragon and Dungeon each month are already focusing their talents on Pathfinder. (If you've enjoyed the Adventure Paths that we've run in Dungeon, then you most certainly won't want to miss Pathfinder!)

Finally, tell your friends and fellow gamers about the Paizo products that you like. Word-of-mouth from satisfied customers like you can help us reach a wider audience for our products.

Thanks again for your support of Paizo Publishing and—we look forward to many great gaming moments in the years to come.

—The Staff of Paizo Publishing

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