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Can a character above 5HD purchase a CR4 grizzly bear to have as a pet?

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From Additional Resources Animal Archive:
Finally, a PC can only purchase an animal, mount, or similar creature if its Challenge Rating is lower than that character's level; creatures with a Challenge Rating of 1 or lower are exempt from this restriction, as are horses.;

On a related note: Is the riding gecko (per UE, a giant gecko [B3] with the giant template, so CR 2) legal for PFS play if you're at least 3rd level? Additional Resources gives the same CR rule for UE as for Animal Archive, and doesn't explicitly forbid it, so it seems pretty clear cut to me. I'm asking because I've been told that there has been some dispute about this critter in the past, so I should expect table variation.


So I am assuming this means as long as I am level 5 or higher, I can buy a CR4 large-sized grizzly bear. Does the 1.5 x base cost still apply for it to be combat trained?

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A couple of things to keep in mind here as you buy your pets.

  • If the pet is going to be a combatant, the character must choose which animal he has that will fight. Only one animal can be used to fight in PFS at a time.
  • If the character has an Animal Companion of some sort, or a familiar, it is likely that animal that will be the main pet fighter for that character.
  • Normal non-companion pets will need to be directed with Handle Animal, something the Animal Companions need also, but the classes with them have significant bonuses.

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Handle Animal

Keep in mind action economy as well.

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