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Achaekek Stat Block Help


I am going to be spending the next week or so building a stat block for the Red Mantis god, Achaekek, assassin for the gods.

For my game, I'm trying to make Achaekek CR 26 (Barbatos & Ragathiel equivalent).

I'm going to go through the six Bestiaries looking at the CR20-and-up entries for individual abilities and features I think are apropos for Achaekek and appropriate for CR 26.

And you guys know how challenging getting that accurate can be.

I want him clearly stronger than the CR 25 Tarrasque but not so strong as the Mephistopheles and Cthulus of the game. I want my overpowered 20th level PCs to ultimately, eventually defeat Achaekek with the adequite knowledge and proper preparations.

Any abilities or features that you think either fit the Fluff of the assassin bug/god -- or the CR 26 Crunch -- will be GREATLY appreciated! All suggestions and advice welcome.

Thanks in advance.

He was statted back in 3.5

Can you remember from what source?

His stats are in Curse of the Crimson Throne: Escape from Old Korvosa.

The d20pfsrd has a conversion done here. Apparently he is CR 30, but you could probably nerf him with some templates if necessary.

Thanks, I'll check it out when I get home.

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