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So my group just killed and skinned the Sandpoint Devil. It was an epic fight, and I want to give them something cool for it.

Been trying to figure out what kind of leather Armor stats I should apply to this. The skinning process was average, so I can’t go crazy.


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Well the Sandpoint Devil has natural armor +9 and DR 5/cold iron, so that could be a place to start. You could also give it an evil aura, like the opposite of Angelskin armor.


Source: PRG:UE
HP/inch 5; Hardness 5; Cost see table

The preserved skin of an angel retains a portion of celestial grace and can be crafted into leather, hide, or studded leather armor. Angelskin radiates a moderate good aura that masks malign auras. Any evil aura radiated by the wearer is reduced in strength by 10 Hit Dice. Auras reduced below 1 Hit Die can’t be detected by means such as detect evil; the creature doesn’t detect as evil, though this has no effect on other aspects of the creature’s alignment. For example, a weak chaotic creature wearing angelskin armor detects as chaotic, but not evil.

Spells and supernatural abilities that have special effects when cast on or used against creatures with evil alignments (even beneficial effects) have a 20% chance of treating an evil wearer as neutral instead. Ongoing effects such as smite evil make this roll the first time they are used against the creature; if the effect treats the target as neutral, it does so for the remainder of the effect’s duration. If the ongoing effect applies to an area and the wearer leaves that area, the percentage chance should be rolled again. Permanent magic items such as holy weapons always treat the wearer as evil. Armor constructed from angelskin is always of masterwork quality; the masterwork cost is included in the prices given below.

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Do any of them have the craft magic arms and armor feat? Otherwise they'll need to find someone to craft it for them.

Since they did average on the skinning process, probably only allow them one set of armor.

The sandpoint devil has immunity to fire, fear, and DR cold iron. Plus a couple of SLA's, flight, hellfire breathe and bay attacks. Lots of options to pull from, but to keep the uniqueness of the devil I'd suggest focusing on fear and fire, maybe flight.

You could allow the armor to either give bonuses vs. fear, resistance to fire, etc or give them some 1/day SLA's.

Cool. Thanks for the Angel Skin stats and the ideas of options. I like the idea of a 1/day SLA. I could even make it something they discover by accident that the armorist doesn’t even realize is in it.

And no, they don’t have that fear, so they are quoting the work with an armorist in Magnimar. Figuring out the price shouldn’t be too hard, just don’t want to give them an OP armor too early in the game.


What level are they?

If they're just getting leather or studded leather (base armor) out of the bargain, it won't be all that helpful except to a high Dex character like a rogue.

I don't think that +1 studded leather armor with a few whistles and bells attached (ie: fire resist 10, +2 vs. fear effects, and burning hands and featherfall 1/day) is all that overwhelming.

The only concern is having them price your custom item and turn around and sell it. Not sure if that's something you're group would do, but my totally would.

The magic craftsman should definitely have some reasonable cost for making the armor too.

My group would absolutely do that. I nicknamed them “Heroes” for Hire due to their questionable motives. I can barely keep up with the sins I need to keep attaching to them.

They are just now hitting lvl 8.

I just wasn’t sure how to handle the Devils +9 natural armor. That would make their AC unhittable.

One way to keep it relevant and simple is maybe treat it as non-metallic mithril chain shirt, or breastplate. So tough you can have all the protection with much thinner material.

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