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The Worst of the Worst - Terrors of Shiggarreb

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

One of the things I love most about Golarion is that there is a ton of stuff left unwritten. It allows me to expand on things in my games and invent new things to further enrich the game world. A part of the setting that always interests me are the divine being they have and how the interact with their followers and each other. On one of the Pathfinder FB pages I play a little game of creativity where I ask about what kind of character you would make to follow a god. This week I'm looking at Shiggarreb, the Qlippoth Lord of forbidden magic, and battlefield atrocities.

Sitting at our theoretical gaming table, our GM turns to us and says, "All of the characters must be followers of Shiggarreb, although they do not need to be divine casters." What character do you make? Who are they? Why have they chosen The Marauding Maw as their patron? In what ways do they further this Qlippoth Lord's goals? Why would he be attracted to this beings doctrine?

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