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I currently run a group of 7 and we're playing through one of Paizo's APs. Unfortunately, we're going to be temporarily dropping players due to circumstances. Because we're at a bit of a pivotal moment in the story, I thought now would be a good time to reinforce some roleplaying skills.

What quick games or exercises out there do you know of that really help to build a great foundation for getting into the role of a character?

These can be anything from improv exercises to games like Fiasco (Although I think Fiasco is a better story-telling game than RP game.)

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

maybe try a game called Ryutama. System is fairly simple and easy to learn. Concept is you are a bunch of people in a fantasy setting going on a journey. The Players are Farmers, Craftsmen, maybe a Noble, while the GM is this small Dragon that follows the group secretly recording the story of their journey, and sometimes meddling in it to keep things interesting.

It can make for a fun mix of role-playing and shared world building.

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