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What is the storage capacity of a computer? I haven't found anything that defines it, and giving hard numbers for this sort of thing will just make you look silly a couple years down the line, but there's this line from Into The Unknown that's throwing me.

Into The Unknown:
So the boon at the end of the quest gives out a Starfinder insignia, which has a secret data storage function, and can hold 'as much data as a tier-1 datapad.

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SFS is it's own thing, but there is nothing in the Core Rulebook about "how much" data can be stored on a computer.

Considering that the RAW implies that storage is handled by a Secure Data module (for use as a downloaded data set on skill checks to take 20 when attempting to recall knowledge), it probably just means that it can be used as a Secure Data module (without needing to purchase a computer, as well).

I think the only reference to storage capacity is the secure data module.

I would say a tier 1 computer would have storage roughly equal to an average secure data module available for general use.

The Starfinder Insignia is probably an Average SDM that does not need to be installed in the computer. I imagine it's simply external storage, probably with wireless transfer. You would still need a computer to access it but even a comm unit would work for that. It could still be quite useful. Let's say you hack a computer and find some useful data. Sending the files over the infonet would probably set off alarms and could be tracked. Download to your Insignia and walk away. If you do get caught and searched, including your comm unit, they find nothing and let you go.

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