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Probable stats for the torch of Torch and 'nuclear bomb'?

Iron Gods

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Hello all!

I'm looking for some (better educated guesses!) crunch/numbers for two Iron Gods/Numeria related things.

The first is the actual 'torch' of Torch, revealed in Iron Gods book 1, when it is in the 'blazing into the sky' mode. What is known of it includes (IIRC, from the 'small flame' and 'large beam' modes):
- It is purple! (Or close enough!)
- The beam extends FAR into the sky, with no perceivable (or lore-specified) upper limits.
- It is capable of heating/melting skymetals (including adamantine) to a degree where they are workable (but doesn't say how much time is required to heat those metals).
- The heated metals don't gain radioactivity.
- REF: adamantine is 40 hp/inch, 20 hardness.
- In 'safe working flame' form, a piece of wood placed in the area of heat instantly bursts into flames.
- In 'sky tower flame' form, all the smiths that are set up around the fire pit head all the way down the Black Hill to escape ambient damage.
- Judging from the town map and town profile picture, there is at least something like a 50 feet 'kill zone' either around the 'sky tower flame' form, or the flame itself is that large.

Current number guesses:
- Damage: [purple] fire 20d10 (/pulled from Fission Reactor explosion stats)
- Specials: Bypasses hardness over time. Can heat and eventually melt skymetals. Bores holes through anything it penetrates (/like an X-laser).
- Range: 300 feet (/highest tech weapon range, from: Beam Cannon)
- Beam Diameter: 50 feet.

The second has to do what appears to be the only use of a nuclear weapon deployed in an AP. Lore-based, a few sentences in a 'what if' scenario that happens if a certain Worldwound overruns Numeria. No stats given. Info known:
- Likely triggered underground [inside a certain building]: "Hastily assembling the purported weapon, an engineer accidently triggers the device."
- It generates a "blinding explosion" that "can be seen for miles, and its mushroom-shaped cloud billows high into the air."
- Completely destroys the city of Starfall, "reducing the city to a pile of ash spread around a deep crater."
- It generates radioactivity: "Radioactive dust veils the sun and the Inner Sea's winds spread this deadly mix far and wide."
- REF: The City of Starfall, measured at widest points, is approximately 4.25 miles long (22,324 feet long)

Special Reference using the 'Nukemap' online application:
- 10.4 megaton nuclear weapon.
- Surface detonation.
- Crater: inside radius 1,380 ft, lip radius 0.52 mi, depth 700 ft.
- Air blast radius (200 psi): 1.09 mi (3.74 mi²): "Approximately the pressure felt inside of a steam boiler on a locomotive."
- Fireball radius: 1.99 mi (12.5 mi²)

Current number guesses:
- Damage: [Explosion] 20d10 bludgeoning, 20d10 fire, plus severe radiation (2.5 miles spherical radius) (/pulled from Fission Reactor explosion stats; likely WAYYY too low)
- Specials: Bypasses all non-artifact hardness. Anything destroyed by the explosion is reduced to ash, as per disintegrate. Seeing the explosion results in permanent blindness (gaze effect, eyes/sight dependent, range dependent?).
- Weapon: Weight: 2,500 lbs (/per the Divinity Drive). Size: a Large object (/out of thin air guess).
- (***Or maybe a simpler question would be WHAT stats are required to survive it???)

Any better guesses?



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