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GM replay boon -- how does it work?

GM Discussion


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I've decided to play an old module again just because all my friends will attend. However, I'm using the GM replay boon to "recharge" my GM stars, and the boon is from last season. I've heard this boon is seasonal, so does that mean I've lost the replays I earned (because I didn't spend my replays during last season)?

I have a dozen games listed on the boon, so I should have earned a couple of replays. If I earn them and don't spend them right away, are they lost?

Grand Lodge ***

I do have some outstanding questions, but the restriction is that you can only apply one GM star recharge boon per season. I don't know of anything that prevents you applying one boon over two, or even more seasons, or that requires you to use a completed boon in the same season in which you filled it. It's not, as far as I know, one season per boon.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Arizona—Phoenix aka TriOmegaZero

Don't over think it. If you've used your original star replay, use the boon to recharge. Once you've used those recharges, wait until the next season and recharge them again.

Grand Lodge ***

Deleted a post. While there's another limit on the boon, it may be saying no more than that you can't get more replays with this boon than you have GM stars. I won't fill in more lines than would recharge the stars that I currently have, to be cautious.

Sovereign Court *

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

As I am inching toward my first Gm star, am I able to start to "refill" my star before I use the replay? If not it would be a long time before I would use my Gm star replay and even longer to refill it.

Liberty's Edge *

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It is my understanding that you can fill out the boon as soon as you have earned the star, not when you have used the star to replay.


Where do I find this boon?

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Arizona—Phoenix aka TriOmegaZero

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In the 'Familiar Places, New Adventures' blog.

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