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Advanced Multiclassing Guide

Product Discussion

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Variant Multiclassing was a very popular concept in Pathfinder Unchained, and it opened up a lot of character options for several players. However, some of these options seemed rushed, unfinished, or otherwise lacking in capturing what multiclassing could achieve with some of the options presented. There also are unclear rules on how variant multiclassing interacts with the rule on secondary classes and how players qualify for rules like feats, favored class options, and Prestige classes.

Could it be possible to consider an RPG-Line Hardcover release which both expands and improves on the concept presented in Unchained?

With 43 classes available (including alternate and unchained classes), there is plenty of material which expanding upon could spawn a full release of its own (if each class got close to 2-3 pages of material, you're looking at anywhere from 90-120 pages right there) and could clarify and marginalize the mechanics in a way that could make it more amicable for players who play PFS.

Aside from rewriting the rules for Variant Multiclassing itself, each class could receive 'multiclassing archetypes' which may enable players to select different multiclassing packages to capture and emulate the different aspects of the classes that they want. Consider, for example, classes that either pick up the wizard specialization school powers, or instead gain a limited amount of spellcasting similarly to how the vigilante archetypes or fighter/rogue archetypes gain their own iterations of spellcating.

We could of course, get a slew of new feats and archetypes which help create the 'hybrid niches' that may not necessarily merit writing a whole new class (spontaneous druid, full 9 level casting bard, etc.) and other options which may enable more variety in race/class combinations like having arcane casters based on

There could be a Background Class mechanic which functions similarly to the Corruptions mechanic in Horror Adventures which could introduce similar rules to the backgrounds in 5e which could allow players access to things like Story Feats or feats that are considered 'bloat' or taxes on the characters.

We could also see rules made on creating archetypes or variant options which could offer changing the classes base progression (Base Attack Bonus, Saving Throw Progression, Skill Points per level, Hit Dice) in ways that offer more options from Variant Multiclassing with a system similar to the Race Builder.

Lastly, there could be a real chance to compile and re-release the options that have been spread out for the fighter class over various releases and combine them into one coherent release (this would both make them OGL compatible as well as clarifying the ways things like Advanced Armor/Weapon Training interact as separate class features). With the various threads clearly showing a demand for such a release, it would most assuredly sell books.

Does anyone like this idea, or have more ideas that could fit into a release like this?

Sounds like a product I'd buy.
Anything that makes my pc more unique is great.

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