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Preparing to Run ROTRL Anniversary Edition-Advice / Suggestions requested

Rise of the Runelords

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Okay so first I know that there are a ton of treads similar to this already and I've read through several of them though none have the exact questions that I want to ask so with that said here is my set up


Human Male(Ulfen) Barbarian
Human Female(Varisian) Monk
Human Male Paladin of Abadar
(?Race)(?Gender) (?Bloodline) Sorcerer
(?Race) Male Cleric of Gorum or Torag

Game plan

1-Burnt offerings
1-2 Feast of Ravensmoor
2- The Skinsaw Murders
2-2 The Harrowing
3- Hook Mountain Massacre
4- Fortress of Stone Giants
4-2 Academy of Secrets
5- Sins of the Saviors
6- Spires of Xin-Shalast

Suggestions needed

Based on this what is the best way to divy out Xp should I use the Fast advancement from the main AP books throughout, should I use the Medium track throughout, or split the xp awards based on which type of track the source is presenting or other?

Second the party build is very very combat heavy. I've read through all the material and while I'm pretty sure slapping an Advanced template on everything and/or adding cannon fodder to the battles will make things tough enough for a challenge but I'm kinda worried about balancing out challenge with TPK risk later on. So should I blanket advance everything? Also/or am I missing something and this party is a bunch of sitting ducks b/c they are too focused on combat to notice threats that can't necessary be beaten with a sword.

And Lastly I had kind of hoped to interject a module between each AP volume to mix things up a bit but I could only figure out how to wedge the three mentioned in the path easily any suggestions on others that might fit in the gaps?

Thanks in advance.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Sounds kind of similar to what I've been running. [I would have run Feast of Ravenmoor where you plan to run it, but it wasn't published yet.]

Since the magic number for everything is "seven," I'm cobbling together my own Book 4 mostly from published Paizo sources.

I'm running everything on the Medium advancement track.

1) Burnt Offerings [Pathfinder #1 version, my own conversion to PFRPG] (Inlcuded a homebrew adventure just before the Glassworks).
1-A) Chopper's Isle
1-B) Homebrew adventure involving Sczarni drug-runners and a dwarven mining team in the smuggling tunnels, and a showdown with Jubryal Vishki.

2) Skinsaw Murders [Pathfinder #2 version, my own conversion to PFRPG]
2-B) Modified version of Pathfinsder Society Scenario 0-20 "King Xeros of Old Azlant", making it have Thassilonian rather than Azlanti history, and setting it in Magnimar instead of Absalom.

3) Hook Mountain Massacre [Pathfinder #3 conversion through Graul Farm, then Anniversary Edition for rest]

Book 4: "The Seven Swords of Sin"
4-A) PFS Scenario 4-03 "The Golemworks Incident"
4-B) Travel to Kaer Maga (adapted from "Shattered Star #3: The Asylum Stone)
4-C) PFS Scenario 4-10, "The Feast of Sigils"
4-D) A highly modified version of Paizo module The Seven Swords of Sin crossed with elements of The Asylum Stone.

Book 5: "Fortress of the Stone Giants" through the Battle of Sandpoint
5-A: PFS Scenario 4-04 "King of the Storval Stairs"
5-B: remainder of "Fortress of the Stone Giants"

Book 6: "Sins of the Saviors"

Book 7: "Spires of Xin-Shalast"
...I'm thinking about how to incorporate module "The Moonscar" into that.

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