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Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Alaska—Anchorage aka Dragnmoon

Mike Have you thought about Sanctioning the Adventure at the end of the Pathfinder Comic issues using the Quest Format?

Sovereign Court *****

Dragnmoon wrote:
Mike Have you thought about Sanctioning the Adventure at the end of the Pathfinder Comic issues using the Quest Format?

That's... That's awesome.

Grand Lodge ***** Pathfinder Society Campaign Coordinator

Yes I've considered it. Due to the limited availability for access, we most likely won't be utilizing these for sanctioned content, except maybe Gen Con and PaizoCon.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Alaska—Anchorage aka Dragnmoon

Michael Brock wrote:
Due to the limited availability for access

Limited availability? What do you mean?

Do you mean that unlike the Quests that were in Kobold Quarterly you would not be able to sell a PDF of the adventure later on?

The Exchange **

Ah, slightly disappointed at that. I read the adventures at the end of the comics and thought they'd be nice for quests, too.

Dark Archive **

I find the comics much more accessable than kobold quarterly. They sell the comics at my local gaming store, and I barely know what kobold quarterly is.

Scarab Sages *****

Yeah, I didn't quite find out what Kobold Quarterly was until they went out of publication. The Pathfinder comic is on my pull-list at my FLGS (and newest PFS venue) but I haven't read through the adventures yet.


If you sanction it now, while there's only a few issues out, that will give people who want them time to get them, and get on the pull list for future issues.

The problem will come later, when they are hard to find, but that's not always a bad thing. There are specials we lowly serfs don't get for a year after release, and apparently specials we lowly serfs will never even get to read (cough, Runecarved Key part 2, cough), so the idea of exclusive content isn't new to PFS. It would be nice to see something limited by date of entry into the hobby rather than disposable income/available time to devote.

Plus if that creates demand, it will give you guys a reason to publish a compendium of them later. :D

Dark Archive **

It likely would sell more of the comics, too.

It's on my pull at the shop i work at as well!

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Portugal—Porto aka Raul "Wulfgars" Moura da Silva

If i may also add my opinion, i also agree the comics have a more widespread public than Kobold Quarterly , at least outside the US , where EVERY Comic store ( and there are a lot) have the Comic, and almost none has KQ.

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