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Skills For Specific PFS Factions

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Silver Crusade

Ok, I will try to explain what I'm looking for. But if it doesn't make sense let me know and I will try again.

As I understand it in PFS you can't really just dump all skill and let someone else be skill monkey because then you won't be able to complete very many of the faction mission. However, if you are not playing a skill monkey, you can't be good at everything.

I have been 'told' that the factions tend to emphasize different skills to complete the faction missions. I was hoping reading through the faction descriptions would give me a good idea of what that would be. But is doesn't except for a few.
Sounds like Scarzani would need appraise and Osirions would need Knowledge: Religion. But I'm not even sure those are right.

At first this seemed way to meta-gamey to ask about. But then I started thinking about it some more. It seems pretty reasonable that if you join say the Andorans to free slaves, you would then listen to talk or read mission reports form the more experienced members and get a decent idea of what kinds of skills they were using.

Is there a list somewhere that I haven't found of what kinds of skills are needed for which faction missions?
Can you tell me if you have noticed that X faction tends to use Y and Z skills?

Sovereign Court ***

This also greatly depends on what seasons you're talking about. The glory that was S0-2 Taldor is somewhat different than what I've seen from S3-4. Also, the "Shadow Lodge usually equals Cheliax in S0-2" bit skews any kind of skill-recommending for them.

Silver Crusade

What if we say it's just for the last season or maybe two.

Seems like that is most likely to be the modules i will be encountering.

During this last year, I have found no specific set of skills for my factions that guarantees mission success. I have played maybe 40 scenarios overall. What is apparent from that experience is that the many faction missions need Perception, Diplomacy and KS:(local)skills before any crunch and munch skills come into play. A few missions require class skills that are just not yours. Often getting to your 'simple' mission opportunity puts members or even the team at serious risk. What fun! Creative use of the skills that you have chosen for your character seems the best plan. Coaxing cooperative if unknowing support from your team members is also important.

The most embarrassing moments on faction missions come when you have to convince the party that the scenario is not over because you still have an unfinished *secret* faction mission. However, players generally cooperate because they might need the same help soon enough.

Silver Crusade

Ok, thx

Sovereign Court ***** Venture-Captain, West Virginia—Charleston aka Netopalis

Also, remember - if the faction mission doesn't expressly require secrecy, you can ask teammates for help. So long as the mission isn't explicitly against something the party would have an interest in, they'll do it. Need to find out information about the local ruffians that you're up against? Your party face will be more than happy to make that diplomacy roll. Need to return a stolen item to somebody? Your team will help you track them down.

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