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Question About reporting games.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Lantern Lodge **

Im fairly new to the world of Pathfinder. But i have been playing for a few months and have a character to lvl 4 now. When i look on this website that character only has 5 chronicle sheets online.

I have all the Chronicle sheets ive played for every character i have and I was just wondering if it is common for GMs to fail to record games on time or ever. And should i worry about it or just keep all the sheets i have together with the character.

Thank you for a response and if this has been covered before im sorry i didnt have time to look though all the old posts.

Lantern Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Asia-Pacific aka DarkWhite

Hi Alecak,

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for played sessions to remain unreported. This can happen for any number of reasons, common ones being:

- the reporting sheet was lost;
- handwritten PFS number was illegible, or typed incorrectly;
- large events, such as a convention, can have dozens of sessions to report, so may take a little longer to appear online.

** You should keep all your past chronicle sheets in a folder with each character, as these are the true and actual record of your play **

If you know your GM, eg homegames or regular sessions played at a local store, then you could approach the GM or organiser, your enquiry might be the nudge they need to enter those session sheets piling up on their coffee table.

As a player, you can also help check that information is collected properly at the end of each session, particularly if character details are being jotted down on a loose sheet of paper, instead of a printed record sheet. Eg, after some events, I've been handed several reporting sheets with character factions and PFS numbers, but without scenario titles or dates, so I've been unable to report them.

Online reporting is a handy record of your sessions played, so I hope you're able to sort it out with whoever is responsible for your local games.

If all else fails, you could email your local Venture Captain with details of each session from the Chronicle Sheets you've received, and they should be able to enter your sessions online for you.

Liberty's Edge **

I have not got much to add to Stephen's reply above bar a few points

A) Do not rely on the online sessions information. Its all true that sometimes for reasons unknown sessions do not get reported

B) It is integral to Pathfinder Society play that the Chronicle Sheet be properly recorded on and numbers transferred accurately. Part of the character audit process can be to also look at the maths on some of the chronicle sheets. Although a lot of gm's simply look over the character sheet itself and leave it at that.

C) Ive noticed that some adventures are now not coming with a signup sheet included in the adventure. That prompt as the GM glances over it might be all tha'ts needed to remind them to get it filled out. It is a small thing but a very useful thing.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Your GMs should be reporting their games, and I would gently prod them into reporting them if possible. Point them to the sidebar on Pg 37 of the Guide to Organized Play, which covers the importance of reporting games.

That said, your collection of Chronicles is the definitive record for your characters, not the online reporting. You should always keep your chronicles with your characters for this exact reason.

Edit: Ninja'd with much better info. What Stephen said.

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