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Shoanti Tattoo trait - trading out the weapon proficiencies?


I have this really, really nifty concept for a character who was orphaned and adopted into a Shoanti Quah, and has the Shoanti Tattoo trait (p.6, Varisia: Birthplace of Legends) to prove it. Thing is, he's a ranger, which means that two of the three weapons proficiencies the trait grants (MWPs' with the klar and earthbreaker) effectively go to waste. I never wanted to go the 'Thunder and Fang' route, so the character's concept is more or less built around the totem spear and the Two-Handed fighting style (from the APG), resorting to starknives and/or Shoanti bolas at range.

If you were GMing the campaign, would you let the character exchange the klar and earthbreaker proficiencies for EWP: totem spear, or would the character be looking at burning a feat?

After a little thought, I'm thinking of having the character downsize to a Small totem spear so he could go 'spear and shield' with a klar. (Fluff-wise, both his klar and his hide-shirt armour are made from a 'young' wyvern he killed shortly before leaving his Quah to follow a vision from Desna.) At 1d8/x3, a Small totem spear doesn't seem any more powerful than a battleaxe, IMO.
Any input from the community?

If I were the DM, I would grant you the totem spear proficiency.

As for a small totem spear, I'd feel that's a little cheesy but allowed.

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