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Website Feedback

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The Rules Blog items (while not super common, or as common as they could ideally be) nonetheless contain important information needed to interpret the rules... One such case I just came across was the 'rule' that Drag/Reposition CMBs can be done with a weapon ONLY if said weapon has the Trip Weapon Quality, otherwise the maneuvers don't use a weapon. This information is found ONLY in the Rules Blog, the rules text (in APG) for said maneuvers doesn't even use the standard 'in place of attack' wording used to indicate 'weapon usage' for other 'weapon using' maneuvers (Trip, Disarm, Sunder). Given the potential importance of the Rules Blogs, I would say that they should be linked directly from the 'FAQ page'.

Also, there is several 'rules issues' which have never been given proper FAQs, even though they warranted messageboard posts from Paizo developers... I am specifically thinking of Vital Strike/Attack Action, which was commented on/explained prior to the FAQ system existing. Given the number of questions some of these issues (e.g. Attack Action) seem to continually provoke, and the fact that developers felt the topics important enough to warrant one or several messageboard posts, a real FAQ entry seems warranted, for the benefit of those players who don't exhaustively track every developer post on the messageboards.

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I would just like to throw in maybe a FAQ tag to make searching for those blogs easier to find. Especially on my iPhone.

Grand Lodge

when I do a search for faq and limit it to blog posts I find all the faq blogs right there at the top ...

Paizo Employee Digital Products Assistant

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Having an FAQ tag and linking from that page is definitely within our abilities. I've put this on my to-do list. :)

Sweet thats awesome

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