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Wake of the Watcher Illmarsh request *SPOILER*

Carrion Crown

Hello people!

I'm about to run the Illmarsh encounters tonight and I've just realised that even though most of the villagers, the sheriff included (especially him!), are described as devout Dagon followers, there don't seem to be any repercussions to the PCs for trashing the Temple of the Indomitable Sea!

Surely somebody should respond to that, right? At least the sheriff, he's a 9th lvl fighter and shouldn't shirk from combat!

How would you handle this situation?

Thanks a lot in advance!

P.S.: BTW, any idea why the Perception DC to notice the slugspawn in Event 4 is so high? Base DC is 16 plus whatever bonus thw slugspawn would get for being hidden, but a total of 31? Isn't that a bit exaggerated?

Re slugspawn. IIRC it's not just to notice them, it's also to notice that they're not normal leeches and thus potentially very dangerous.

Leonal wrote:
Re slugspawn. IIRC it's not just to notice them, it's also to notice that they're not normal leeches and thus potentially very dangerous.

Yeah, that's what the DC 16 is for... Quoting from the slugspawn's description:

Wake of the Watcher Bestiary wrote:
a creature must make a DC 16 Perception check to note that a slugspawn is something other than a normal slug (though hidden slugspawn can be more difficult to detect)

So...? I understand that hidden slugspawn are "more difficult to detect", but DC 31? Isn't this an overkill?

Ah, well they're very small and are thus difficult to detect (e.g. the spawning canker has +19 to Stealth). I believe the images in the book have depicted them too large compared to their actual size.

I made the sheriff a general out of the Game Mastery Guide (with some tweaks to gear, etc.), used four torturers from the Game Mastery Guide as his deputies, and made them all Chaotic Evil. The party duked it with the sheriff after they brought down the Scion of the Sea at the temple.

While the townsfolk are devotees of Dagon, most of them have no clue what Dagon actually is and have never seen the chuul or the true alter room (the one with the bloodstains) in the temple.

Heh, I thought the 31 was a typo and just went with a 16. One of the people who spotted them (the ranger with dungeoneering) still failed the reflex save to dodge, and another didn't pass the check to spot the slugs.

The ranger aced his dungeoneering check, which promptly resulted in him screaming at the sorceress "Cold! Blast us! NOW!"

Sovereign Court

DC 31 actually makes this Interlude more than just a save vs effect or pitiable combat...

Play this encounter up! It's like the first time you encounter the Flood in HALO. In fact that's the music I started playing when they finished off the Cultists& Chuul and began searching for loot.

--Vrocky Horror

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