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Halloween scenario

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion


Are there any scenario's that have a 'haunted house' theme or something similarly appropriate for a halloween game?

**** Venture-Agent aka Rycaut

A few that come to mind:

Season 0's Among the Living (tier 1-7)

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies - including larges and huges....

Season 2's You Only Die Twice (tier 5-9)

Just played this last night - really fun and very appropriate for Halloween

the PC's are literally turned into Undead for the duration of the scenario as they visit the Undead kingdom of Geb

Grand Lodge *****

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

What levels are you considering? The Haunting of Hinojai can be quite spooky, and does deal with a very haunted house, but it is for levels 5-9.

It's a season 0, but Black Waters(1-5) can be pretty creepy.

Silver Crusade ***

I was going to recommend Black Waters. It's very much a ghost story.

The Exchange ****

Black Waters...
"ghosts" of little girls, telling ghost stories...

Shadow Lodge ***

Beneath the Silver Tarn is super spooky as you are trapped in a fog shrouded town with untold numbers of monsters roaming about.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Virginia—Richmond

There's always Haunting of Hinnojai... :)

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