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Question about Character

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Silver Crusade

I have a Player who wants to play but does not roll to a PC. She will be using a Pregen 1 PC, my question is can she just call the Pregen something else and pick a faction?


The Exchange ****

Yes, and yes


echoing what Nosig said sees the lightning flash as she agrees with Nosig

In addition with a few tweaks to the pre-gen she has the basics of a character to build on

Silver Crusade

Ty for the clarification !!


Yep and if she doesn't like particulars after playing she has until lvl 2 to change everything.


If you are able I recommend sitting down with the player and building that same character from scratch so that they understand how and why it works the way it does. You may just do this after 2-3 scenarios so they can get a feel for it first and gain some knowledge and confidence in how Pathfinder works.

Then when hitting level two the player can make a more informed decision about whether to tweak the character and will also better understand what's going on when leveling up.

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