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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Games with an Aspis Consortum theme

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Grand Lodge *

Apart from the last of the First Step series, are there other games where the Aspis are the main focus or a featuring focus that you can suggest I play?

I have a Blackros / Tapestry themed PC and am looking for another themed concept to pursue with another character

Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent, United Kingdom—England—Chester aka Paz

Answers will probably include spoilers, so perhaps this isn't the best topic for 'general discussion'. Having said that...

From Season 2:
The 'Before the Dawn' series, #2-01 and #2-02.

Grand Lodge ***

Prominently featuring the Aspis Consortium to my knowledge so far, though I expect there are more:

Season 1:
29, 30, 41 and 48 The Devil We Know #1-#4

Season 2:
In addition to the above:
2-24 Shadow's Last Stand #2

Season 3:
3-SP Blood Under Absalom
3-12 and 3-14 Wonders in the Weave #1 and #2
3-19 The Icebound Outpost
3-25 Storming the Diamond Gate
3-26 Portal of the Sacred Rune

Season 4:
4-SP Race for the Runecarved Key
4-04 King of the Storval Stairs
4-06 The Green Market

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