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Lastwall information

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

Evening all. Just getting back into Pathfinder and I am looking for the best source of information on Lastwall. What book or books have the most inforamtion. I also did a search and see that The Carrion Crown AP might have something on Lastwall?

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Cities of Golarion had an entry on Vigil, but that's all I've seen on Lastwall outside of the Inner Sea guidebook.

I will look into getting both books Necromancer. Thank you for the quick reply!

The wiki has some stuff also...

Yeah, Lastwall / Vigil / etc hasn't been very well detailed. On the one hand it makes it an excellent location for setting a custom campaign. On the down side it means that if you are trying to stay with the canon material sooner or later they will release something and totally screw with your story line.

A suggestion I'd give for getting an accurate understanding of the "feel" for Lastwall would be to take a look at the kingdoms which surround it. No where exists in a vacuum and the surrounding areas will certainly have a strong impact on the over all feel of any kingdom.

One tip i will give is if you are considering running a Temple of Elemental Evil / Return to the Temple campaign, Lastwall does make for an excellent setting for this. Also if you are considering a Ravenloft style campaign the bordering kingdom to the immediate north (Ustalav) can easily be modified for such.

Personally I suggest the use of the various pathfinder wiki pages and taking a look at some of the custom (read: not official) work which has been written for, some of which is pretty good.

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