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12 rules for being a better player

Gamer Talk

Sovereign Court

I came across this blog listing from a friend-of-a-friend and I urge folks to read through them. If everyone gave these a read, it could really improve the quality of gaming at your table.

How to Be a Better Player at Truly Rural

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I think I disagree with point #2. Yeah, okay, don't waste time finding out how to get a job as a bartender, but I've been in a lot of campaigns where throwaway NPCs become fairly important later on, just based on how we interacted with them. "Don't talk to everything" is good advice, "don't talk to anything that doesn't have a name and a 'talk to me' button" is taking it too far. (IMO.)

... the rest are all pretty good points, though.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Tales Subscriber

Very interesting. I agree with most of it.

I disagree with #2 as a gm I like seemingly throw away npcs to come back. Agree with the rest.

Cool article

1. I agree, though my players seems to know when to ask for details or not.
2. Actually, this is where my improv skills go in. There has been so many situations where I have improved a cool NPC just because one of the PCs bothered to ask them about something. It has truly created some memorable moments.
3. Again, improv skills :P Though I must admit, I haven't gotten in a "middle of a very important segment" situation just yet.
4. If said player was in my group, I would suggest him to make his own group, or let him GM every now and then. I had little to no problem in convincing 3.5 players to play Pathfinder :)
5. Great advice!
6. I agree 100%, but maybe he should have mentioned that players should level up for the next session. Or create a new character for next time.
7. Talking about other subjects is a bigger problem in my opinion. But if I as a GM notice that certain players are inpatient because of all the bad jokes, I make sure everyone know's that it is time to move on.
8. I consider RPG sessions to be causal, but not that causal :P
9. That is actually a problem at my table, but a minor one imo.
10. Because my world is under construction, many of the options are viable, however, I flat out say NO to certain races/classes, but I usually follow it up with a good explanation.
11. This is actually something bot me (the gm) and the players have embraced, however, they are quick at using that against me, as well as me, against them.
12. My party did that on their last session, two of them ended up dead, but it was HILARIOUS!

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