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Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Quebec!

Roleplaying Guild General Discussion

Grand Lodge *****

I wanted to take a minute to welcome aboard the new Venture-Captain assigned to Quebec, Canada. I will let Michel Lepage introduce himself, advise about the websites he will utilize for coordinating, and any other information he wishes to share.

As for areas that fall within his region, besides Quebec City, he will also assist Montreal if someone needs help coordinating a game day or convention, until a VC or VL of Montreal is selected.

Welcome to the team!

Liberty's Edge ***

Bienvenue Michel!

Grand Lodge *****

Bienvenue Michael! Je ne pas parle francais, mais ma femme parle francais. Welcome in both official languages!

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec

Merci :)

Introduce myself... ok :)

I am a frog (French Canadian from Quebec) with a wonderful wife who let me be a geek, and 3 kids (10 to 13) who are infected with gaming.

I have been playing TTRPG for about 30 years, mostly GMing. I tried a lot of game systems but most of it was D&D, AD&D, GURPS, 3.5 D&D, 4e D&D then Pathfinder witch I ma very happy with.

I have been into gaming clubs and organizations when life allows it. Last year I was looking for PFS in Quebec City and there was none so I started it. It as been growing slowly. We now have 25-30 players; a couple may try their hands at GMing at some point.

Other interests include gaming in general, scuba diving and history.

If you are near Quebec at some point, come play a game with us :)

We use a Facebook page to organize play:

If you need someone who speak French, contact me, I will help.


Bienvenue, Michel! C'est bien d'avoir un autre Canadien avec les V-Os!

Happy to hear about your success in La Vieille Capitale. Don't hesitate to ask for advice if you need it - though I suspect that with 25-30 players you're already through with the hardest part!

***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Northeast aka Shivok

Welcome Michel and Congrats on the new position!

Sovereign Court ***** Venture-Captain, Florida—Jacksonville aka Corax "the honest thief"

welcome aboard sir! you ever head down here to florida look the lot of us up!

Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent, Indiana—Hammond

Congratulations, Michel! I wish you and the PFS members in Quebec well!

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