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New Images for my Pathfinder

Gamer Talk

This is where I post some of my images. The rest I post on my groups site, but I would like to get some input from outside the group.

Thank you in advance and have a blessed day!

I was curious as to why Absalom is named Absalom. Is it the Biblical reference to Davids 3rd son who died in the bow of a tree that he got his neck stuck in?

no one?....hello?...wrong place wrong time?

Liberty's Edge

I think the banner looks rather cool. Very nice work and I like the showing of history in the banner.

And the coins are very much awesome. Makes me wish I could pull of something like that for my group.

Ain't no thing but a chicken wing.

Actually I could probably tell you how to do things like it. Once you know what the tools in photoshop do it's pretty easy to get the same results.

If anything else you could use my images for personal use.

Liberty's Edge

Photoshop and I don't get along very well. Every attempt to use it ends it futility and sometimes tears of frustration. Its one of those programs I simply cannot get to work properly.

One trick is to work with as many layers as possible. Sometimes I work with 2 to 5 layers for one section of the picture before merging some layers. You don't want to merge all the layers, but you can 'save for web' as a PNG. This should keep most of what you did in photoshop and not take up as much memory.
Personally I also like using the Layer Style of Bevel and Emboss as well as Drop Shadow. Other than that, just find or create some brushes and BOOM, you got what looks like a solid metal piece...kinda.

Liberty's Edge

Alright. I'll give it another shot and see if I can pull it off. I do like creating that kind of stuff along with handouts for my players.

Some of the best tools in photoshop is Select/Color Range, copy, past followed by Layer Styles. After that then you can use the filters you wish to modify the different layers.
The Select/Color Range is also good for masking images for painting/erasing.

Don't forget you can change the opacity of brushes, erasers and even a whole layer by using the blending options.

By the way, I have uploaded a new banner, too. If you follow the previous link it is in the gallery.

Liberty's Edge

Another gorgeous banner. It may be awhile before I post anything anywhere,but I'm working on mastering the program while sorting out my game world.

If there is anything you have questions about in photoshop please ask. I may know the answer and if I don't I can learn what it is.
By the way, I have uploaded more on the site listed above.

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