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RotR- What changed in the new version?

Rise of the Runelords

I have the original version, and I may be looking to run it with a new group, in which case I would buy the new version.

Is anything different other than updating it for the new system (relevant skills and such)?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Well, I started running my current campaign in the original version (using my own conversions to PFRPG), and now I'm running the AE.

There are a bunch of subtle changes-- mostly tightening up plot elements, and including better segues between the different books of the adventure. There are a few new encounters added. Several of the encounters have been re-balanced and/or redesigned. (Most notably the Boss Battle at the end of Book 2.)

Some encounters were expanded-- for example, the entire dungeon complex in Book 5 has now been detailed (rather than leaving chunks as an exercise to the reader.) The final climactic battle is also a lot more complex.

While a lot of art was recycled from the original, there's a lot of new art. (I like most of the new art better, but there were a few pieces from the original that I preferred.)

The supplemental material in the original AP has been excised or greatly reduced. One exception is the Sandpoint gazetteer, which is pretty much the same. They did add an official map and gazetteer of Turtleback Ferry, which was very handy. The Magnimar gazetteer has been reduced significantly, though, and now it's just barely enough to run Book 2. (I think that was partly due to the release of a 64-page Magnimar campaign guide.)

All-in-all, it's pretty great! Having this book has greatly reduced the amount of prep time I need to run my campaign-- which is fortuitous timing, as some other aspects of my personal life are really eating into my GM prep time.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Yup... the Magnimar article shrank precisely because there's a 64 page book available now for folks who want to expand that (relatively short) section of the Adventure Path.

One of the things I went into the book assuming was that the adventure revisions would take up as much room as they needed, and whatever was left over would be used for the appendices. As a result, some of those appendices had to shrink from their original incarnation... I tried to focus said shrinkage on areas where other books now exist to take up the slack (there's plenty about Thassilon, for example, in Lost Kingdoms, thus the section on ancient Thassilon shrank as well to what's only needed to run the adventure).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I highly recommend the Magnimar campaign guide, by the way. It's one of the best city supplements I've run across-- and Magnimar is probably my favorite city in Golarion. There are enough plot hooks in that book to write an entire adventure path!

I ended up buying the PDF, and looking through it I am super happy! This is great content the maps are fabulous and I like some of the fleshing out that you did. Well done!

Starting this campaign soon as a virtual game using

Silver Crusade

Razorstorm wrote:

I ended up buying the PDF, and looking through it I am super happy! This is great content the maps are fabulous and I like some of the fleshing out that you did. Well done!

Starting this campaign soon as a virtual game using

I want to do exactly the same thing, run this campaign using My problem is the maps. I bought the hardcover version which unfortunately doesn't include the pdf and I see nowhere to download the maps from Paizo. This would have been the perfect offering :( Does anyone have some of the encounter maps included in the book? I really don't want to spend a ton of time trying to recreate them (thus having to spend extra time learning map making).

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