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Why do Martials need better things?, by RDM42

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Discussion of recently released Advanced Class Guide Errata, by Kalindlara

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Wierd crearure suggestions and advice, by Bob Bob Bob

ACG Errata, by Gisher

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Advice for RPing an 8-year old prodigy sorceress NPC?, by My Self

[Lord Zsezse Works] 30% off on selected products!

Product Discussion

Shadow Lodge

Farewell to Summer Sale

The sale began on Saturday, September 1st at 40% off!
The savings drop by 5% each day until Saturday, September 8th!

Our current deal today is:

30% off on selected products!

Be fast and forget the wishlist!

Attention! Tomorrow this sale will be 5% less!

Go to Lord Zsezse Works.

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