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Villainous Pathfinder: September Game Day Change (San Diego, CA)

Local Play


Since there is a nearby minicon conflicting with our monthly game day in September, we've decided to move to second Saturday, 9/8. This change is only for one month; in October we will resume 4th Saturdays (10/27).

However, if there is interest in a second Saturday game day in San Diego proper, the lovely folks at Villainous Lair seem quite interested in hosting it. Based on attendance, we may start doing 2nd and 4th going forward. Please let us know if this works for your schedule and/or interest!

A side note: I know there is a game day on second Saturdays in Temecula, but the distance from our game store to theirs is 50 miles, and that's not all highway--Google puts it at about an hour and a half each way (with traffic). I ran the idea up the flagpole before we decided to go for it, and the consensus is that, given the distance, the events really won't be in conflict. I know some people will still be offended by this, and I certainly understand their perspective, but I believe this is one of those circumstances where people will vote with their feet--if they want to game that day, they'll go to the event they prefer to support. So we'll see how it works out in the long run, yes? :)


I think it should be ok. If you were to look at the Warhorn site you'll notice the names are mostly unfamiliar to the San Diego proper scene.

52 mile separation should be far enough away so as to accommodate players north of Escondido and those south of Escondido equally in my opinion.


See you all there tomorrow. Reminder: the shop doesn't open till 12 so unless you like standing in the sun don't arrive before then.

Gaming funness will begin at 12:30.

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