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PBP campaigns tab question

Website Feedback

Not sure if I am posting in the correct section but I'm sure its not too big of a deal.

I've been a part of many pbp campaigns that have kind of fizzled out over the years. Is there a way to move campaigns from the "current campaigns" section to the "previous campaigns" section under my profile? I'd like to clean that up.


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The "current campaigns" to "previous campaigns" is a GM controlled property in the campaign tab.

The GM will need to enter the campaign tab,
Click edit campaign,
and uncheck mark your PC as active, or check mark "Campaign is inactive."

Again this is a GM controlled property, so it's the GM's job to mark it inactive if the game fizzles.

If the GM has disappeared from the boards it's harder and will require a time out of around 2-3 months I think.


Yes wrong section for the question, it would be under website feedback.

Only the DM of that campaign can move it to inactive.

That being said...

I suggest private message the former DM and asking him/her to move it to inactive status, should clean up your campaign tab.

The next step would be to ask the powers that be to make the campaign inactive!

Silver Crusade

If you Hide the gameplay thread, it also disappears.

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