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Archetype question

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Canberra aka powell01

I believe archetypes have to be chosen before you trade something out. How does this work with Qinngong monk, can you get to level 7 as a monk or so and then add qinngong to set up the tradeing out of something that you have not got yet?

Andoran **** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Archetypes are chosen when you trade something out. As soon as you do the ability swap, you become the new archetype.

Quinggong Monk does give you some leeway on when you join, unlike most archetypes where the jumping on point is set in stone. If you choose not to trade your Slow Fall ability out at 4th, which is the first available possible Qinggong ability swap, you are still just Ye Olde Monk.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Canberra aka powell01

Ok. So I can't do it at seven or so on a manouver monk cos I do not have slow fall to trade out.

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