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Gamer Connection

Hey all,

I've been having scheduling and travel problems with my old gaming group so I'm looking to either form or join another one. I live in the west valley and currently have somewhat limited transportation options but am willing to host the game for a weekly friday, saturday, or sunday. Meeting elsewhere isn't a huge problem but the closer the better usually. There are between 1-3 of the old players that may join in also but large parties dont intimidate me since it's what I started with so come one come all. Worst case scenario we end up with a group big enough to split into 2 groups.



I could play, but phoenix is a bit far?

how far out are we talking here?

Currently I actually live in el mirage, closest crossroads are about dysart and thunderbird just off of grand. decisions on final play location would probably best be done once most of the group has opted in however. Thanks for popping in and letting me know your interested, just need at least a couple more.


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