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Downloadable PRD

Website Feedback

With the new changes for PFS, GMs are assumed to have access to all hardcover rulebooks. However, the PRD is now a legal resource.

Would the crack paizo web team consider making available a downloadable version of the PRD? Just flat HTML files that could be copied to a laptop or tablet or whatever. They would load much faster than PDFs, and would be easy to search.

I'm sure there would be some overhead, perhaps in updating the downloadable files when the real PRD is changed, and probably fixing some of the navigation elements to work when not run from the actual site. But it would be a great boon to those of us with access to low-end devices and no network connection.

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

This is a question that comes up reasonably often, in fact it just came up again on Friday in this thread. I'll post something over there.

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