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Guide 4.2 changelog

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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"Devil's Advocate" wrote:
Beckett wrote:
As for the Paladin issue and the Evil Aura, keep in mind that Pathfinder has changed how Detect works a bit. 1.), it does allow people with evil thoughts and intentions to register as evil, even if they are not. A LG farmer whoe daughter was raped and wants to beat they gang to a bloody pulp is still LG, but will detect as evil to a Paladin during that time. 2.) Detect (on normal humans, minus Clerics and Paladin types) does not reveal anything until the character is 5+HD, and it is debatible if Infernal Healing actually provides an Aura or treats the character as Evil if they would normally register for Detect Evil magic.
The Great Rinaldo! wrote:
Do you have a reference for these? I haven't seen anything about either of those.

It's in the core book :). IN 3E, detect worked on everything, but didn't include the part about evil thoughts.



Notice on the Aligned Creature Line, it says 1-5 = NONE. So ordinary people (not Clerics, Paladins, Outsiders, Undead, or anyone else with an Aura Class Feature) does not show up if they are not 6+ HD, normally.

Yeah, which is kind of funny. If your caster level is 5 or less, the evil aura from the spell effect itself doesn't even show up. That's probably a funny conversation piece. Imagine it.

The paladin is cooking breakfast while they're on the trail, and the party wizard (who is Neutral Good by the way) has just recently patched up the fighter's remaining woulds with a bit of Infernal Healing. The Paladin looks up.

Paladin: "Hm, you're detecting as a lot more evil today. Have a bad dream?"
Fighter: "Nah, just where Storic was patching up my wounds with a drop of devil blood. I actually had an odd dream about unicorns and rainbows."
Paladin: "Well that is stereotypically not-evil. So what's up with the aura?"
Fighter: "I dunno. Maybe it's because Storic's magic has gotten strong enough to make tentacles pop out of the ground."
Paladin: "Ah, quite. Yeah, I figured that might be it. The order told me that I'd get some false positives sometimes, and not to be an idiot about it. Eggs?"
Fighter: "Err, just gimme the bacon. I feel odd about eating the eggs after my dream."
Paladin: "...Maybe you should ask our cleric to try and interpret why you're dreaming about rainbows and egg laying unicorns."
Fighter: "You think that would help?"
Paladin: "It made me feel better about my re-occurring kitten nightmare."
Fighter: "You're scared of kittens?"
Paladin: "Nah, kitten. It was just a creepy nightmare."
Fighter: "Oh yeah, what was that about?"
Paladin: "Well in the dream I'm walking through the temple where I grew up, and there's this kitten. He seems sweet and cute. Yet from it emanates the most frightening aura of evil I've ever experienced, and felt like it was crawling up my very skin. It looked so cute, so timid, and yet I could scarcely look at it."
Fighter: "Kinda creepy. Evil kittens and all. So what'd the cleric say?"
Paladin: "Well she said it was probably a shapeshifted evil imp who was spying on our paladin order under the guise of something, and I have the nightmare because it's a repressed memory from when I was first developing my auric senses and was using them on everything; and suggested that if I see the kitten again I should punt it."
Fighter: "Hmm...y'know, I think I want some eggs afterall."

Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent, United Kingdom—England—Chester aka Paz

For Legal Table Size-Can you only have 3 players and a Pregen when you are splitting tables?

Not only when splitting tables. All it means is that 1 GM + 3 players is the minimum legal table size, and the PCs should be accompanied by a pregen (played by the GM or by committee). for example, if you ever have only 4 people turn up to a PFS event, then you'd have a legal group, by setting the table up as described above.

Grand Lodge *****

This bit from the bottom of page 32 seems to contradict itself. I bolded the two line for effect.

Page 32 Guide to org play v 4.2 wrote:

Similarly, in fringe cases where rounding to the nearest whole number would force a party to play up to the next subtier, they may instead choose to play down. For example, in a group of three 2nd-level PCs, two 3rd-level PCs, and one 4th-level PCs, their levels would average to 2.67, which is then rounded up to 3; then you would add +1 because of the group size, yielding an adjusted APL of 4th and making the group eligible for Tier 4–5, which is too high-level for most of the PCs

Starting with Season 4, scenarios are designed for six characters and contain instructions on how to adjust the scenario for four-character parties. Do not add +1 to the APL for six and seven character parties in these scenarios.

If the APL of a table is between two subtiers (like APL 3rd for a Tier 1–5 scenario), the players may choose to play up to Subtier 4–5 or down to Subtier 1–2. If, however, the APL was calculated for six players (and thus bumped up by +1) and this pushes a low-level table out of their subtier and into the level between two subtiers, the players should be strongly cautioned about playing up, as even a party of six players may not be able to handle situations and challenges that the higher subtier will present.

It starts off in season 0-3 moves to season 4 and then I am 99.9% percent sure that the last paragraph jumps back to season 0-3 adventures. I would suggest in the next version moving the season 4 paragraph to the end.

If this has already been mentioned/noticed and I just missed it.....urm, nevermind.

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