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Looking for any gamers in St. Thomas or London Ontario

Gamer Connection

Silver Crusade

I'm moving to Ontario. Anyone have any hook-ups? Will play or DM...

Hey Uriel i used to play 3.5 when i was in the army. I started to miss it so i bought pathfinder to check it out. I live in london and im trying to find a group to get back into gaming. Its been a few years but i still havent forgotten the great times i had. So if your looking for a player im in.

Silver Crusade

Hey, Great! I'll send you a private message. The LFG flag is still up if anyone else wants in on this, though.

I am in St. Thomas and interesting in talking about the idea of a campaign. PM me with details, please.

Silver Crusade

For some reason I can't seem to PM you (or as Plinke), I think b/c you haven't created a profile?

Anyway, I'm getting the Deluxe Rise of the Runelords book for Christmas and am just about to start running it. So far, I've got two players, my wife and a friend of mine, so there's room if you're interested. If you can send me a PM, I'll give you my contact info and more details.

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