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PaizoCon 2012 Recordings from Know Direction Podcast

PaizoCon General Discussion

Liberty's Edge

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The Know Direction Podcast will once again be releasing audio recordings of the majority of the sessions, presentations, and seminars of PaizoCon! So for those of you, like myself, who were not able to make it, this is the second best thing!

These recording would not have been possible without the help of Justin Sluder, Jessie Banner, and Paul Rimmer. Thank you three for your help, support, and hard work. I’m sure the Pathfinder fan community appreciates it as much as we do.

Our plan is to release a new segment every day as they finish editing.

Our First Segment: The PaizoCon 2012 Banquet!
You can listen to it right here!

Listening right now, over breakfast!


Dark Archive

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Friday files from me are on the way to the good folks at Know Direction, except for The Convocation of Madmen.

Justin Sluder wrote:
... except for The Convocation of Madmen.

But that would've been perfect for Marcus Ewert to listen to over breakfast!

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Justin Sluder wrote:
Friday files from me are on the way to the good folks at Know Direction, except for The Convocation of Madmen.

Drat! Curse you, inability to be in two places at the same time!

Liberty's Edge

PaizoCon 2012 Special 002 - Build a Better PC

A recording of the 2012 PaizoCon seminar on crafting a more fleshed out, interesting PC. Featuring Jason Bulmahn and James Jacobs.

Liberty's Edge

Wolfgang Baur tells you everything you don't need to know about the RPG industry, in PaizoCon 2012 special 003.

Thank you very much to all of the people that make these podcasts available for those, like me, who could not attend.

I have very much enjoyed the Know Direction podcasts for PaizoCon (2011 and 2012) and GenCon (2011).

Liberty's Edge

Happy to hear it, Captain Trips.

PaizoCon 2012 Special #4 was one of the marque seminars of the con, the Rise of the Runelords 5-Year Retrospective, featuring everyone you can imagine who had a hand in the production of the original Pathfinder Adventure Path.

Liberty's Edge

Paizocon 2012 Special 5: Goblinworks Panel and Q&A.

Liberty's Edge

PaizoCon 2012 Special 006 - RPG Freelancing Featuring Christina Stiles.

PaizoCon 2012 Special 007 - Community Projects Featuring Ted Thompson, John Reyst, Tim Nightengale, and Alex Greenshields.

PaizoCon 2012 Special 008 - Pathfinder Monster Workshop Featuring Wesley Schneider, James Jacobs, Adam Daigle, Wayne Reynolds, Sarah Robinson, and more.

PaizoCon 2012 Special 009 - Power-Up Your GM Descriptions Featuring Wolfgang Baur.

PaizoCon 2012 Special 010 - PFS Q&A Featuring Mark Moreland and Mike Brock.

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