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Paranoia game questions

PaizoCon General Discussion

Would it be possible to get some foreknowledge about the Paranoia game happening on Sunday? Is there anything we need to know ahead of time/books to read before hand/anything we need to make/bring?
->really looking forward to it!

The Exchange

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You can try this or this

Why, thank you for volunteering to attempt salvage of that malfunctioning plasma cannon. A noble gesture. Of course, with such a dangerous mission, it would be unwise for you to further risk any of The Computer’s valuable equipment by exposing it to any explosion that might result if you should fail. Therefore, I regret you will have to leave all your equipment here with us in the bunker. Yes, I’m afraid that means your tool kit, too.

Oh what fun!!

I'm not in your game but if brought some dice and a sense of humor you should be fine.

‘. . . obviously the work of Commie saboteurs . . .’

Thanks for the links, I'll look into getting some of those. I'm definitely looking forward to this game.

Liberty's Edge

UnholySnowman wrote:
Thanks for the links, I'll look into getting some of those. I'm definitely looking forward to this game.

Paranoia is a game most enjoyed the less you know about it as a player, IMHO. I recommend you not read up on it before hand.

Btw, Paranoia rocks! Leave your d&d/Pathfinder preconceptions at the door. This is a different kettle of fish. I envy you - there can only be one first time playing Paranoia.


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As the guy running the Paranoia game, I have this advice:

Trust no one!
Keep your laser handy!
The Computer is your friend!

The mission you have been assigned to will be fun and easy. The chance of dying by zombie attack, blood loss, symbiote infestation, dangerous brain-swapping experiments, or rampaging Frankenstein monsters are absolutely nil! Rumors to the contrary are false and dangerous threats to the peace and security of Alpha Complex doubtless spread by Commie Mutant Traitors. Report them immediately!

Welcome to DED Sector, citizen.

Here we do not drink ... bouncy bubble beverage.

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I have played, judged and written for Paranoia. It is a great game for learning to think on your feet.

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