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A Cake fit for Prince Zeech's Feast

Age of Worms Adventure Path

In other Zeech's Feast news, I did have a Nanaimo-based specialty cake company ( make the Ziggurat Cake for the feast. It looked spectacular in the box and with the entire party at the Feast.

I had planned to have the cake come out as the finale of the feast. However, as the battle with the Hangman Golem and the Ebon Aspect went late into the night, I had to re-jig the events of the feast (I'm sure the cake wouldn't keep for a month!). Right after the skeletons did their macabre performance (at this time to my bleary eyed players), the Fabler hauls out the cake to open up the party eating. The expression on my group's faces was priceless as the dark chocolate and blood red Ziggarut of Kyuss walked out of the kitchen in four mazapan-covered layers. A great way to end the evening and to celebrate the 6th (!) year of our ongoing campaign, which I've been keeping a blog of here.

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Holy cow that's phenomenal. What an appropo treat! o7

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