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Ice Con Age of Worms Weekend

Age of Worms Adventure Path

Our group has been working through the Age of Worms AP, mostly online, for a couple of years now. We decided to travel to Toronto for Memorial Day Weekend to play one of the climactic encounters face to face.

As we planned the weekend, we jokingly called it Ice Con. When we arrived our host had this banner made for us. We may be the smallest con going this weekend (7 people), but our banner is awesome.

Here is a better picture of our group portrait.

Thanks jasharen. Please don't kill us tonight.

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Fantastic! You should give us some game stats to go with that portrait. And let us know how it works out, of course...

Liberty's Edge

AWESOME story!

I'm also running Age of Worms online (yes, I am in Toronto) and a majority of the players are from the SF Bay Area (with two more here in TO).

So yes, this story rings pretty loudly to me. Love the banner and I love the illustration and hope you guys had a GREAT weekend!

Whereabouts in the AP were you during "Ice Con"? (I'm sure you found this weekend really cold in Toronto, too, *eye roll*). I presume this was not the climactic fight at the very end, but something still pretty big which was short of that?

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