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What class can complement this group?

Skull & Shackles

Arrrrg mates! What class you think can complement this group best? We have:

Changeling(Sea hag)- Witch(Sea)
Samsaran - Magus(Hexer)
Aasimar - Lore Oracle(Seeker)
Nagaji - Summoner

I have played with the idea of an Vishkanya Alchemist, but not sold on the idea yet. What do you think?

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They could use more meat to protect them, have you considered a Sea Reaver?

Or a Ranger? I have a ranger in my S&S group and his favored enemy (human) bonus has been a literal life saver for them in the early fights.

Thanks for your responses, after a lot of pondering I have 2 finalists:

Dwarf - Barbarian(Sea Reeaver)
Tengu - Ranger

Altough I getting more inclined for the dwarf because I feel that our group needs more a tank than anything else...

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I would ask the summoner's player how s/he intends to use the eidolon. That piece of information may give you the final push in terms of deciding what role needs more support. An eidolon will never be a real tank, lagging behind in hitpoints compared to a barbar or even a fighter, but with a few spells its AC can get rather silly.

The summoner told me he wants to create a Leviathan from the FF type creature, athough he cannot give it the Tsunami spell maybe he can add lightning bolt. Now that I know that I'm thinking I should take the tank role in the group, so I believe Sea Reaver will be a best fit. One thing that I have thought I might change is changing is species, how about a Catfolk Sea Reaver?

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