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Trying to run down a board game, but I can't remember the name.

Card & Board Games

Liberty's Edge

I only played it once, I imagine it was released in the very early 90s. The box had the same cover as the book "Streams of Silver" (the original cover). I'm pretty sure it was SoS, if not it was the same cover of "The Crystal Shard".


Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Not SoS or Crystal Shard but Forgotten Realms from about the time you're looking for. Best I could find.

Great Khan Game.

Liberty's Edge

To be honest, I'm pretty sure it wasn't related to Forgotten Realms, other than the art on the box. We were playing HeroQuest alot during this time. I think my friend tried to explain it as a more complex version of HeroQuest.

The only games I remember playing back then other than Hero Quest were Dragonstrike and Talisman.

Grand Lodge

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Not sure what game you're talking about, but you might check over on Board Game Geek. If the folks over there can't identify a game, you probably won't find anyone who can.

The 1st Quest box set or Introduction to D&D box set maybe. The character card for the pregen dwarf was taken form the cover of SoS. It had 6 plastic figuines for the PCs, large posters of the dungeons, square grided for play, and might have felt like a board game. Other that that, no idea. The D&D board game that tried to copy Heroquest didn't come out till about 2002 or so. It had a winter add on, but sounds too late for what you're thinking about.

First Quest... I think. Randomdays is right.

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