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Necro Posting myself a bit, but with a complete change of focus my conversion is done.

After working on the NWN version till it was almost done, I realized that it really wasn't a lot of fun working on anymore and it would take a lot of special effort for anyone else to play it, let alone getting a group involved.

So I pit it aside and went back to my roots and what I knew best. Since I had originally started playing in the late 70's with 1st edition, I pulled out an even older editor than NWN and started converting Smuggler's Shiv with the SSI Gold Box creator from 1993, FRUA (Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures)

This conversion went quickly and was fun till the end. While a lot more restricting than NWN, it follows pretty closely to the PnP module except in the area of treasure, which is not editable.

I just finished doing a beta test of it, fixing typos and other errors as I went. My party of 6 characters with 2 castaway NPC's finished at third level, just about where they should be.

At the moment, I'm asking if anyone else would be interested in testing it out. If so, send me a PM. FRUA uses 1st/2nd edition rules and for those familiar with it, the Shiv adventure has new artwork and monsters, but doesn't need UAShell to play. Another plus for FRUA over NWN is that FRUA runs in DOSBOX, which means you can play it on the go on your tablet. Total size is only a few megs.

The adventure is completely playable but probably needs a few tweaks. Anyone who PM's - I'm interested in your exposure to the adventure (none, player, DM) and to FRUA/ 1st/ 2nd edition rules. If you finish, I'd like to know impressions, total time to finish, number/ types of PC's used, NPC's used, what needs work, and anything else that catches your attention.

FRUA has a max limit on what a single adventure can hold, but I'm pretty sure I can also get "Racing to Ruin" to fit as well. I've already started work on Eleder.

Looking forward to some input.

Merry Christmas all

another one.

and one more.

I recieved a couple of emails today saying the problem with my account activation problem has been solved. I'll see when I get home. Right now there's only 1 more beta test weekend for March scheduled so hopefully I'll be able to try it then.

From what I've read above, expectations aren't very high.

Maerimydra, for NWN showing its age - the character models aren't much better than when the game came out, but the fan made tilesets, placeables and some of the creatures have come a long way, and some of the pw's have astonding looks thanks to the time and care put into them from the people involved. For a game over 10 years old, its still evolving and improving. I just started getting involved again and there's still new content being created.

I'm working on coverting the Serpent's Skull AP for it at the moment and things are going really well.

Turns out I never got on - they never sent me my confimation email to activate an account when I signed up. I sent a ticket in which should take "3 to 4 days", but that didn't help with the beta weekend.

nqc, from what I've seen,unlike NWN 1 and 2, it is online only. Its free and you'll be able to make your own quests and maps with something called "the foundry". Like alot of the newer MMOs, no monthly fee but lots of micro transactions to drain your wallet.

NWN2 compared to 1 had more bugs and was harder to create with for the casual user since the outside maps didn't use tiles and had to be done by hand, making the process a much bigger time sink. Not a bad game in the end with the expansions and patches, but never had the appeal or scope of 1 with its tons of new fan made content and adventures.

NWN1 is on my hard drive and 2 sits in the box.

This is the sceond beta weekend. I think the 1st was only open to those who bought any of the different founder's packs for the game. This one is open to them plus those who had subscriptions to their other games (I have a lifetime with Star Trek Online) and from a code in PC Gamer magazine. If you hurry maybe you can get an issue and get the code before this weekend - not usre what month though. There's one more beta weekend in march scheduled either next week or the week after.

From the screen grabs and what I've seen - Player races are human, elf, half elf, dwarf, tiefling and drow I don't remember. No halflings, half orcs or gnomes though. One of the founder's items is a rideable mechanical spider so I wonder if there's going to be people riding those everywhere. A couple of other founder's items are a small bag of holding with 12 slots, a wolf or panther pet/ companion, some random items from a chest, in game money of some sort and an "aura" that I guess shows everyone you're a founder.

One thing I did like is they mentioned you could get a masterwork item or item with a slotted ability/ bonus, and you could transfer that bonus to a new item if you upgraded. Helps make your beginning bonus item not go obsolete as fast.

Lots of info/ screenshots on the website if you check it out. I'm blocked at work so I can't be more specific right now.

I just got an invite to join the beta today from Cryptic. The beta will be this weekend for 2 days only - available will be 4 classes, 7 races, 40 level max. Downloadable now to get ready.

Anyone else get an invite?

You could actually do most of Pathfinder in NWN 1 already. Almost every monster is there. All the terrain types are there to do Golarian. Anything that's missing could be added with scripting or Gmax. The major hurdle would be character classes, feats and such, but I've seen that done already in such things as the d20 modern project that completely changed things around. The major issue would be time.

Bad B movies will always have an audience. I'll put one on for background while I'm working on something and divide my attention between what I'm doing and whatever strange thing and bad acting is going on on screen.

For those who haven't heard of Mill Creek, they put collections of that kind of thing on DVD real cheap. I 've got the SciFi and Swords and Sandals sets as well as one of old serials. Film Quality isn't that great but for these, it didn't really matter to me.

Go to Warriors Set

I talked some friends into going to see this in the 80's and they told me they would never forgive me when it was over. I got about the same reaction when we saw the 80's Flash Gordon as well.

If I remember, Arnie was contracted to do 5 Conan movies, with Red Sonja counting as the 3rd. After RJ, he got out of his contract worried that his career would never recover from 2 more like that.

Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan had a great artbook included, and I think that the one in Expedition to the Barrier peaks had one in color, which,along with it being a great adventure, really made it standout at the time.

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There's also Whiterock Castle for 3.5 by DCC, plus some of their other modules tie in to make mini megadungeons, or are big enough by themselves to make short campaigns.

At bare minimum, if you're talking about a 3D VTT, you would need basic maps for all terrain types. For enhancement, the maps would need placeable objects (trees, houses, stones, etc) that could be moved around to change the maps up to give variety o the battles. You would need 3d meshes of every monster in the bestiary books, though reskinning and resizing would help cut that down a little. You would need male and female versions of all races in all class combinations, plus alt versions to represent friendly/ unfriendly npcs.

I can see this possible being done by a small crew, but it wouldn't be easy. If you added in combat mechanics, animation, all the possible spells and visual effects, leveling, equipment choices, sound, scripting, adding in content for more than one rpg type(fantasy, scifi, modern,etc), I would say it would be almost impossible or would take a very long time

As a last note, you can do all the above already with Neverwinter 1. While the game is set to 3.0, you can use it just as a VTT in edit mode and use normal normal non CRPG play for combat, plot, etc, and recreate just about anything that a VTT system can do, but in 3D.

Hopefully, Diego is from somewhere other than the US, otherwise just one more thing to make me feel my age.

Go to Commercial


I saw that I was getting close to the small underwater part of the AP and added an underwater tileset to the module. Additional content to NWN is added usually in a type of file called a "hakpak". When you add the hakpak to the module, it needs to be rebuilt and the bigger the mod, the longer it takes. I went ahead and added ALL the hakpaks I though I would need and found out there's an upper limit at around 55. So after about a week of work of checking out whats available online and forcing them to play nice together, the mod is about ready for anything I think I want to throw at it. There are items/ creatures and tilesets for Al Quadim, Spelljammer, Planescape and about any type of normal terrain thinkable. Started scripting in some basic flying routines and items that can be adapted for swimming options as well. The only thing I lost for some reason and can't get back are most of the doors in the Greyhawk Ruins and the town and haunted house of Saltmarsh that I had completed, so they'll have to be replaced.

Added a new area to the map covering the southeast side of the island from the Brine Demon down to Red Mountain, just above the final encounters of the module. Random encounters are in and I set up/ scripted the first of the Cavefisher encounters - the rest should basically be copies. The moneypit is complete - if a PC enters a trigger area with the treaure map, a variable set from talking to Ishirou, and the time of day is dawn, a sun beam will appear and light up a spot in a clearing. Clicking on the spot with a shovel equipped will allow the PC to make a hole with a large pile of dirt next to it and a rope leading down into the different levels of the pit with the wooden platform, the ghouls, and the treaure. Part of the treasure is available to PCs but some will be in a locked chest that they will have to give to Ishirou to complete the quest. After completing Aerys' conversation and doing Ishirou's, all the NPC's will be done except for Gellik. Left for this area is the Red Mountain lookout spot, finishing the Cavefisher lairs and putting in the shipwrecks for the area.
After this area, I'll either move south to the end game area or west for Pez and the cannibals. The island looks to be a little over a square kilometer in size, probable about 1280 x 1280 meters.

Not a bad forum subject and the posts are intersting, but having lost someone in RL due to something simular, I find the topic title in extremely poor taste. But thats just me.

Also in AD&D - I was DM for a group going through D1-3 and Q1 back about 1981 or so. One of the group was a paladin with the typical high charisma, who was having a hard time keeping his sword in its sheath walking through a drow city with all the evil around. During an encounter, a female drow cleric fell for him, and since she had a high charisma as well, he didn't want to just kill her. He used a wish to turn her good. I remember she had some pet giant spiders who weren't happy with that and there was a fight with them when they turned against her.

I don't know if it would have lasted, but I think the the campaign ended after finishing Q1, so basically the character retired with his LG drow wife. I probably wouldn't allow it today as a wish probably isn't powerful enough to change someone's alignment permanantly.

Thinking about this, here's a few possibilities - and I haven't looked over this part recently so I could be completely wrong about what I remember.

Cannibal or not, I don't think any children would be "useful guides" to anyone who just killed their parents. The weak and elderly might have been thrown down into the pit for the lacedons and not be around.
I'd have to look over that part of the module again, but I think from the description of the abandoned camps and such, all outsiders were considered "food" and not potential converts. There may be no children at all.
Remember too, these people are not cannibals from choice or their own nature, but due to the effects of the island on them over many years and are probably not redeemable. Any that are dragged along would probably escape at first chance or try to put a dagger in the PC's back while pretending to be "saved".

If you add children/ elderly, you could have them hole up in a cave or other place where they have barricaded themselves in and won't come out. You could add one or more recent npc shipwreck survivors who were captive in the camp and might be willing to stay and try to take care of the noncombatants, but the island could turn them as well, so that if the party returns, things could already be turning bad again.
Last, I would look at your particular party and adjust to what they might like or not. Having the survivors around might be something they would enjoy, or something that would just be irritating.

The Campaign Journal Forum might be a good place for that.

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147 - There's nothing but a grey fog outside the town in all directions until the DM finds time to create an outside to adventure in.

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To use your two examples, and I haven't gotten to those 2 parts of the AP yet so I'm not sure of the specifics with them;

The Wights - At night, everyone in town is behind locked doors due to the townpeople knowing about the local undead problem. The PC's hear a scream and see the wights either attacking an unlucky townsperson who didn't make it home in time, standing over the body of said townsperson, or attacking a door trying to get inside for "lunch" The PCs react as they think best.

The Elephant - Have it maddened either due to an obvious injury like spears and arrows in its side, or showing signs of disease. This would give a reason that it has left the herd and is not in a norma l state of mind. You could also place it near the body of a dead calf. The rest of the herd has moved on but the mother refuses to to leave and continues to protect her young, dead or not.

What about the Wayfinder magazine? Isn't it Golarian/ Paizo specific?

First sentence - "We're powering through the Second Darkness AP right now"

Just guessing, but since you don't state where in the AP you are, it could be read as you're adding a 5th character into Second Darkness NOW to help you in RotR LATER. It's not spelled out when the 5th player would be joining in the campaign, or which of the 6 parts of the Second Darkness AP you're in.

Going all the way back to 1E, the answer I've always seen has been yes. Its been a long time, but I think I read confirmations back in the day both in the 1E DM guide and in the Sage Advice column in the old Dragon magazine, which was considered official. The only exception I remember was for Gauntlets of Ogre Power, which did not spread the strength bonus over the whole body, but just the hands and forearms.

Of course,as with all these items, once removed, the character could become heavily encumbered without the item equipped.

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Same here. Its strange that when you remember picking up a new module and ripping off the plastic wrap to check it out, it will always seem "new" to you, even 25+ years later when for everyone else its a "classic". Yet a different adventure that came out at the same time that you didn't buy DOES feel like an antique. Sometimes its not the product, but the memories you have attached to it.

Good luck to your daughter. Good or bad, its an experience to never forget.

Still can't get used to thinking about women on board. I served on the Nimitz from 85-89 (also reactor # 2) and they were just starting to try women on board. I think the area they set aside for women's quarters had a couple of marine gaurds outside, just in case.

Also fond and unfond memories, but when I transferred to San Diego for my last year to a sub tender, things really improved. If I could have stayed there, I would have reupped.

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A while back, there was a super cheap sale on all the Dungeoncrawl Classics pdfs right before they converted to 4E (I think end of 2005). You could get the megadungeon Castle Whiterock (783 pages) for just $5. I picked up the ones I didn't have, and I was lucky enough to grab the Dragon mag archive when it came out on disk before it was pulled for breaking the rules. Having 250 issues on CDs makes it a lot easier than pulling out a bunch of mags to look for the article I want. I picked up a bunch of the 1E and 2E pdfs when they 1st went online too, but have no idea which company I downloaded them from.

Like the OP though, its still nice to have the actual copy of a module or corebook in your hand. I still use the boxed Castle Whiterock, the corebooks, and though I'll probably never use them again, taking out something like the copy of "D1 Descent into the Earth" that I bought and ran when it came out brings out some good memories.

For a table, a lot of times a laptop actual works better than a tablet in some ways, as it can sit on the table, easy to see, leaves hands free,and the back of the monitor can act as a screen. If you make copies of a pdf in other directories, you can have multiple copies of the same pdf open at the same time, go to different pages in each, and just click the tab on the bottom of the screen to go to the each one quickly. I found this makes it easy to have the map on one tab and the box text on another. Bookmarks also work of course. If theres a picture you want the players to see, just turn the laptop for them to see it.

Question and update

I know I've missed a couple of things that have been pointed out, but reading through the AP again, I din't see enough info on the Viper Nettle Poison on how it worked. Diseases and poisons can't easily be changed from what's already in NWN, so I went ahead and assigned Greenblood Oil to the nettles (initial - 1 con, secondary - 1d2 con) I didn't want to assign a major poison for a low level AP

Island is now basically complete north down to a little past the Brine Demon. All lairs, shipwrecks and random encounters are set up for those areas. I'll add some waypoints to the maps for the random encounters so that when the encounter puts them on the map, they'll wander instead of staying in one spot. There's an AI mod that would make them seek out the PC's, but it would do so for ALL monsters and that wouldn't seem realistic.
Viper nettles now look more "spikey". Any creature that enters the area without the Woodland Stride feat has a chance of getting Greenblood Oil poison. Berries are placed in the back of the area for Aerys' Quest.
Aerys' conversation choices almost done, but I need to set variables and create her poem book. Sasha's conversation almost done except for setting variables. I think I can give her a fangbird pet to follow her once that quest is complete.
The first night on the island, all 5 npcs will move down the beach and make camp, starting a campfire and sitting on logs or sitting/ laying on the ground. Each day after, they will either do an activity like gathering wood, wandering the area, fishing, or sitting around camp, and each night they'll return to camp.
Read Jask's boon wrong for perception when it was concentration. Not sure if I can do all the boons . I need to look at item properties to see what can assigned to them.
Captain Kinkarian Quest complete, and added a pulsing blue and white glow to him to make him more ghostlike. He'll permanantly vanish when his quest is completed.
Yellow musk creeper and zombies encounter done.
Scripted in a check that at dusk each day, PC's have a 10% chance to get either Mindfire or Red Ache disease if outdoors.

I see where the OP is coming from, but I just can't imagine all the space it would take up. I started back in 1st edition, buying everything TSR and Judges Guild put out, along with the Dragon magazine and other RPGs like Traveller and such. With what I've bought since, minus the rare item I've had to sacrifice now and then to pay bills, I've still got over two bookcases of rpg material, plus ones for dvds, comics, games and paperback/ hardback books. If it wasn't for pdfs, I think there'd be no room for me in the house at all. For me to buy something in print these days, it would have to be something special and out of the ordinary.
If you just took everything that Paizo has put out like the OP wanted, how much space would that take up?

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105. Because its pictionary night at the tavern.

106. Because the next part of the Adventure Path hasn't arrived yet.

Thanks Pirate. I knew I had seen it in the book, but didn't see it under Jask's page itself. Changing the exp reward amount is easy.

The Boons I saw and should be able to grant them, but I'll have to tie each one to an item. This means that while they'll be useful at low level, as the characters gain better items, they'll lose the boons as they unequip the items for better ones. I'll also have to make them worthless and undroppable so that the players don't try to sell them or drop them on the ground for others. I know I'll have to do at least one change for Jask since Perception isn't a skill choice. I'll have to change it to Listen and Spot.

Andrea, not sure what hakpaks Rappan Athuk is using, if any, so I'm not sure how the battles will play out in the AP compared to that. I'll be using Tony K's henchman and battle AI scripts 1.08. I can't link to NWN Vault from work but they're easy to find with search. The reviews are good.

A question and an update;

Finished up doing Jask's Quests right before work and noticed that there didn't seem to be any experience rewards for them. I'll look some more when I get home, but this may be true for all 5 of the NPC's quest. I'm thinking 10-25 for unlocking the manacles, 10-25 for returning his gear and 50-100 for the Brine Demon logbook. Thoughts? too high, too low or none at all?

The first 3 areas are basically done except for the castaway quests and adding some extra scenery items to add some variety. This goes from the tip west of the Castaway Beach to the southeast just above the Viper Nettle Patch. The Jenivere shipwreck is setup for boarding with the captain's and Ieana's cabins done. The cook's body is hidden inside Ieana's cabin. All "C" lairs and "D" shipwrecks for these areas are done. Wandering monsters for land are set up from the book for these three areas. Will set up another one for encounters near the sea.Set up the shocker lizards, shiv dragons, sea scorpions and pterosaurs as they weren't in the game. Changed Sasha's quest from wanting a young pterosaur to an egg instead. Each of the lairs has a nest with a 33% chance of having an egg in it. Jasks quests are completed and scripted in, only need to set up his joining as a henchman if asked. The Brine Demon is setup and Captain Kinkarian walks the beach at night, disappearing at dawn. Need to set up his conversation tree to finish his quest. The fourth area goes from the Viper Nettle patch down to the Brine Demon and I'm working on finishing setup on it before moving back to setting up and finishing Sasha's and Aerys' quests.

Congrats to all. I'm another who its doubtful wil play, but glad it made it for those who will.

I'll have to look at what scripts I'm using. I know I replaced the default henchman scripts with ones from the Vault already. I'll be doing playtesting as I go of course. Smuggler's Shiv is a bit light on spellcaster battles so we'll see how it plays out.

Agreed, but from this thread and the other one linked, it looks like there are a few of those people out there. From what James said above, its probably going to be their only option for quite awhile.

I'm not sure why it hasn't been mentioned, but wouldn't one of the text to speech programs work?

IE - Natural Readers

You buy the pdf, convert it to txt, use a program to convert to mp3.

I've never used one, but from what I've seen in a quick search, there are different male/ female voices available to choose from. I know I was watching a youtube video demo of a program once and the voice was just a little bit off that caught your attention, and it turned out to be one of these programs doing the talking on the video.

Your second guess was right - NWN is 3.0, NWN@ 3.5

I went with NWN over NWN2 because;

1)NWN was easier to use. It uses tiles for outdoors and indoors, where in NWN2, the outdoor maps are done "by hand". It looks better, but adds a lot to creation time.

2)Resources. With whats on the Vault and CEP, NWN has a much wider variety of creatures, items and terrain to choose from. NWN2 is much more limited in what you can work with. in the way of choices.

3)Bugs - even with the updates, NWN2 is not as stable as NWN.

I like and own both games as well, but NWN2 never took off the way NWN did in popularity and ease of use.

BTW, I'm using my NWN Platinum and NWN2 original install on Win7 32 bit and they work fine.

I'll add some votes for the classics Gamma World, Star Frontiers and Traveller. There was also, way back when, games called Universe and Twilight 2000.

Not to mentioned one of TSR earliest games, Metamorphasis Alpha aboard the Starship Warden

Go to MA remake.

A few more screenshots

Thanks Pirate. I'll be putting up some screenshots soon. Don't want to give away to much though.

Spent most of today working on Castaway Beach, which is actually 3 areas - the beach with a shipwreck on it, the top deck of the shipwreck and the below decks area. Characters can now "climb" a rope to enter or leave the wreck and go below decks and back.

Placed the body of the first mate below decks and the sea scorpion on the top deck. Stocked 1 chest in the captain's cabin with the items from the AP except for the water walking and water breathing potions that aren't in the game. Stocked another chest with Jak's possesions. Put the body of the cook in a chest for the party to find.
Redesigned a standard outfit for Alton to be more "sailor" like.
Completed setting up Jask's conversation tree and redesigned some leather armor for him from standard, as well as creating a holy symbol and masterwork dagger for him and his key. Jask is now a priest of Zagyg going back to the a town in Hepmonaland for trial. I can't show him with chains on his wrists, so that will be in conversation only.If he becomes a henchman, I'll need to set up a conversation tree for new info. His quests setup should be done by the end of the week.

Thanks for the clarification. Should have read closer.

As yet, I haven't run a group thru it, but I'm getting ready to to do some scripting on it and trying to decide how to do so. Since it seems a tough encounter, seperating it into 2 parts looked like a possibility.

Serpent's Skull in NWN

Ingame converation during combat is not possible as the characters are "busy" fighting, so the conversation would have to be before or after the lacedon battle. Perhaps she offers, sends the lacedons in, and then waits the 1-4 rounds and joins in. The party attacking her would bring her in earlier of course.

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I started with 1st edition using a sheet of graph paper to map and some dice. When we tried minis, all there were back then were the lead figs that you had to paint and had to spend long hours and big bucks to get enough to use for battles that we still mainly kept with just verbal descriptions. It was a lot of fun and we rarely worried about fireballs hitting our own party or lightning bolts bouncing back. Some of the handouts in the early days helped a lot though, like the ones in Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. When I went to PC gaming, the Infocom IF games with no graphics always seemed more enjoyable that the other games that had pictures - but then the Infocom games were some of the best there were.

I would say now though, after playing the old goldbox games like Pool of Radiance and countless other computer games, and with things like the virtual tabletops and Neverwinter to help, that I've grown spoiled with seeing what's going on and it would be hard to play without visual aids. Sad in a way, as I can still remember some of the early dungeons and battles I played and pictured in my head, better than I can remember the ones with graphics, minis or aids.

A bit confused from the whole thread - from what I read, the ghouls attack while the mother just watches. When the ghouls are defeated, she's impressed and offers the party the chance to become ghouls. When they refuse, then she attacks by herself.

Unless I read it wrong, I don't think she's supposed to attack with the ghouls at all.

Update - After not having time to work on it for several months, got quite a bit done over the last few days. About a third of the island is now mapped out. I'm using numerous height ridges and blocks of impassible trees to give it an open maze kind of effect to simulate the difficult terrain. There's a system on the NWN Vaults that adds weather/ climate/ seasons to the game where extreme heat and cold affects character health, that can be lessoned by things like campfires for warmth or canteens for cooling. Since the AP specifically mentions heat problems, I'm thinking of adding this.

The island is now mapped out from Castaway Beach to the nearby tip of the island to the west, and east and south to about halfway down the island to the wreck of the Gargoyle. It spans four large maps and characters can travel freely between them. Some of the monster encounters are in place, as well as the Viper Nettles and Captain Kinkaran walking up and down the beach.The Jenivere has been built both normal for the sea cruise at the beginning, and a shipwrecked version on the island.The Caves of the Mother has been mapped out but not accessable yet as that part of the island hasn't been mapped. For creatures, I'll have to reskin an ooze for the Gibbering Mouther and settle for normal ghouls instead of lacedons, or just rename the ghouls.

D&D<>1979<>19 - a homebrew dungeon my DM made.

Thanks. There's a little more info and screenshots here - I'll try to update soon.

Serpent's Skull conversion.

I think a test group of four, six at most would work best. Players should be hopefully be familiar with NWN 1.69 already.So far I'm keeping the CEP as the only required addon. Perhaps the CCP or PRC as well. A few optional addons on the player's end like the improved trees or player bodies from the Vault might be useful as well.

So far every monster in the module is available in NWN with CEP installed but one. I'll have to reskin one of the existing creatures to get it in since its an important one.

As far as I know, there's no Gibbering Mouther.If the CCP doesn't have it, i'll probably reskin an ooze and add it in.

Still working on doing Serpent's Skull in NWN1. Just finished mapping out "The Caves of the Mother" and am working on the cannibal's area above it. 1st module might do done be March or so and ready for a playtest.

Sci-Fi City is where I bought my 1st minis way back in the 1st edition days. A box of Grenadier lead figs in 1980 I think. Back then it was called Enterprise 1701 and its moved 3 or 4 times since then.

Colisium of Comics has 4 locations in Orlando. They used to have a good selection but may have reduced shelf space in recent years.

Acme Comics in nearby Longwood is also something to check out, but I haven't been there in a while either.

1979 - Original D&D also - with the supplements. 1st dungeon I played in was homebrew, the 1st I DM'd was "Temple of the Frog" in Blackmoor.
1st products bought were the Basic D&D Blue Book set and Dragon # 39. Still one of my favorite issues.

Still have the Blue Book and mag, but had to sell my original B1 for bills a year or two ago. Sigh.

Good times when you had to make things up as you went along (Damn 5th level carpenter with a +2 hammer, fixing the doors after we bashed them down. We "fixed" him when we caught him.)

25 Quark

26 Fantastic Journey

27 Man From Atlantis

28 The Time Tunnel

29 UFO (Gerry Anderson)

I have a feeling that there will no flying with initial release but that it might show up in an update/ patch/ expansion pack. It would be great for flying creatures to be able to have flying animations, as well as landing and running on the ground options from the beginning. I hope climbing and swimming might be in as well.

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